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On stage: Vaughn

- Vaughn - Oct. 2000 - Baarlo (NL) -

- October, 8th 2000 - Baarlo (NL), Sijwa -

A few weeks ago I heard that Danny Vaughn and some of his Tyketto-mates released an album on Z Records. I always loved Tyketto and so I was curious to hear the new stuff Soldiers & Sailors On Riverside is probably not as strong as the previous releases, but a pretty good album. So I was happy to hear that the quintet planned to play in Europe, but soon had to learn that most of the shows were scheduled for the UK! Only 3 shows in Holland / Belgium! Baarlo is just about 60 km from Düsseldorf and so I talked to Z Records about an interview...... Thanks to Mark of Z Records for supporting and giving me the possibility to do an interview...... But here we first wanna talk about the show!
At the Sjiwa in Baarlo just about 80 fans waited for Vaughn..... The local support was the Dutch cover band De Bastards. The guys did a decent job, but the people came to see Tyketto.... Oops, Vaughn!
Danny and his pals started with a Tyketto classic... Rescue Me. From the first minute everybody stand in front of the stage and soon fans sang along! It was like being back in the 90's! But Brooke St. James wasn't there. The new guy soon showed his enormous talent. P.J. Zitarosa plays a different style, but fits into the band perfectly which he and keyboarder Kyle Cummings could show with Is That All There Is? and other new ma;terial like Shadowland, Healing Hands and The Voice. Live Tyketto always been a good rock band and they still are. It seems that these days the guys enjoy it more... Perhaps that's the difference between Vaughn and Tyketto.... Anyway, time is flying if you're having fun is an old saying and it's right! It was good to hear the 'old' Tyketto tunes incl. Seasons, Nothing But Love, Catch My Fall and Meet Me In The Night as well as the new stuff. I wished that they would play more shows..... The mixture was almost perfect. Personally I missed a few old tracks like the title track of their 2nd album Strength In Numbers, The Last Sunset and Inherit The Wind. On the other hand Danny Vaughn traveled back in time and presented a Waysted track...... Heaven Tonight! Please come back soon!!!!!!!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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