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On disc: Vulvark

Vulvark - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Vn Records - 2009)

There isn't much information about the one-man project Vulvark... Nihilaz had released a demo EP a few years ago and is now presenting his full-length debut. The self-titled piece will be released as a limited edition - 250 hand numbered copies in a clothbound digi-pack with embossed logo! Along with a 12-page booklet which will also be special in its own way.
Musically Vulvark present raw black metal which steam rolls the listener. The opener Lay Down And Die, Goodbye is about 10 minutes long and offers fast parts, drone sounds, aggression, disharmonic elements and mean vocals. But also slower passages where monotone sounds dominate - and this monotony is dark and threatening... The fast Imperial Harvest Of Ecstasy is forced forward, but leads out slowly... And so begins the following Hailing Deconstruction (The Elegance Of Silence). The slow, atmospheric sounds are dark... Wailing and somehow threatening. Vulvark storm off for I Hear The Knives Singing - Decay. But he changes speed and atmosphere within this 10+ minute long tune, even doom parts found their way into this track. Vulvark is manage to give the album a flow, coz he picks up the speed / atmosphere the previous track ended and start from there his sonic journey. The last song is also the longest with a bit over 12 minutes. For Us To Seek starts slowly, but after about 4 and a half minutes the song changes, gets bit faster, but it's mainly the atmosphere.
Vulvark delivers about an hour of raw black metal with doom and drone parts. The songs are very intense, even if at some parts it's a bit too monotonous... Beside that, well done!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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