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On disc: Vreid

V - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars


(Indie Recordings - 2011)

Norway has a long tradition for good black metal bands and Vreid is absolutely no exception from that. As they release their fifth album, called V, they get high acclaim from magazines around the globe. They have a no-compromise style with a melodic black metal sound from the rank of their hearts. The opening song Arche starts with instrumental melodic powerful guitars later supplied with singing and growling, great work. The Blood Eagle also has this genius melodic black sound with a very deep voice to give an aggressive vision of their messages. The Sound Of The River is both soft and powerful to the extreme, really good stuff. The Others And The Look gives a fast and melodic line to this very long track, but it is worth every second of it - super. Then We Die is the last song of the album, and keeping the black flag raised high they deliver the best song of the album, a super power melodic song where we really get the feeling of the black metal they do so professionally as they do on this new release.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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