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On disc: Votum

Metafiction - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(Mystic Production - 2010)

Votum was started in 2003, but til now outside their home country Poland not too many people have heard of them. Metafiction is their second output and was released in Poland last November, now it sees the light of day outside Poland. The sextet's latest piece of work should be interesting for Anathema, Opeth and Porcupine Tree fans the biography says, but I think every fan of dark, atmospheric music should give Metafiction a try! To quote Votum: "The first step to meta-music. Meta-art. Metafiction." Let singer Maciej Kosinski and his mates enchant you with the opener Falling Dream - or any other tune. Melancholy soundscapes and the expressive vocals will do the trick when they kick off, later the song explodes and heavy riffs dominate their sound for awhile. You'll find reminiscences to their fellow countrymen Riverside - among others. Glassy Essence is kicking off heavily, with fat riffs and is more metal then the opener, then a break and their atmospheric prog sounds are back. Votum created atmospheric songs with progressive elements, but never get lost in showing of skills. Beautiful melodies meet heavy riffs or atmospheric sounds, at Stranger Than Fiction they show their heavy side, heavy riffs combined with spheric or symphonic keyboard sounds. Indifferent begins slowly, focus on Maciej Kosinski's voice and even if they later get a bit heavier, a bit faster, but the vocals are still prominent. And with December 20th they present the closer, a neo prog track which brings back the heavy riffing.
Words can hardly explain what to expect from Metafiction, so everybody who's into dark, atmospheric music with beautiful melodies should check out this album! You'll find some complex passages, but also soundscapes which are simply enchanting. Let Votum drag you into their sonic universe - and forget the world around you!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


           2008-2010 by Claudia Ehrhardt • E-Mail:

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