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On disc: Vorum

Poisoned Void - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Poisoned Void

Poisoned Void
(Dark Descent Records - 2013)

New bands who releases their first album is always interesting, what can they do, will they make impact etc. The death metal band from Finland, Vorum, makes a brutal raw first attempt with enough details to make it interesting for the listener. Starts with Impetious Fires where the raw style sets the standards for the rest of the album, Death Stains hits you with a brutality that crashes the walls to small pieces of dust and stone. Thriving Darkness goes in another direction with a pumping death metal style that is inspired by gothic elements of the death metal music, really interesting to listen to such music. If it was not enough the last song on the album is Poisoned Void, and here you get a sharp and very alternative kind of death metal filled with new creative ideas that makes the whole album brighter and tougher. Totally it's a fine new album from the Finnish debutantes.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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