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On disc: Vortech

- Deep Beneath - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

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Deep Beneath

Deep Beneath
(self-released - 2008)

Vortech is a Finnish one-man-show. Vortech is Juha Untinen who takes care of all and everything. He started Vortech in the year 2000 and released 2 demos and now his 3rd album. Deep Beneath is another self-release. But with a good sound quality.
The opening track is called The Awakening and shows Juha with a mixture of melodic death metal, some electro sounds and guitar parts which seem to be influenced by traditional heavy metal. He switches between growls and mean grunts. A neck breaker is Biodroid Legions with it hyper-fast drumming, heavy riffs and black metal-like keyboards - and on top some deep growls. The keyboard add an interesting note to this relentless tune. On The Undying Storm he surprises the listener with a break and some slow part - and a quite melodic part. Next in line is Shadow Shapes which tends a bit to black metal due to the keyboards and the vocals. At other tracks he gets more melodic, but more a kind of technical, melodic death metal... Okay, the title track is strange... only noises... hard to explain, you have to listen to it yourself. Afterwards you get another fast and brutal tune, but again with some slower parts, this time more atmospheric and almost ambient... The track is called Subjugation.
Well, Vortech is only interesting for the open-minded, for people who love brutal death metal, but also can handle other sounds. Purist should stay away! The songs show a variety of sounds and I think that's the reason Juha is still releasing the albums on his own, coz for a label it's tough to get the Vortech sound universe promoted - and the target group is limited. But due to nowadays technical development Vortech can still go on - and I think Juha will continue!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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