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On disc: Voodoo Six

- First Hit For Free - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

First Hit For Free

First Hit For Free
(Locomotive Records - 2008)

Well, if you know Voodoo Six' Feed My Soul, then this one isn't very interesting for you, coz it's a overdone version of Feed My Soul plus the single Faith. The band Voodoo Six was founded in 2003 and they released Feed My Soul in 2006, but on a small scale. The band of Tony Newton and Dave 'Grav' Cavill thought the album was too good to be forgotten... ignored, so they have overdone the album and release it now through Locomotive Records to get more attention.
Okay, let's talk about the music! They kick of with Faith... With thunder and rain, a bell tolls and some spoken words, then a guitar joins in. The band picks up the guitar melody and the song becomes a heavy rocker in the tradition of the 70's hard rock band. Obviously the band is influenced by bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. So they don't present something new, but food for fans of these bands - and add elements from the last decades. With heavy riffs and hammering drums they lead in No Friend Of Mine, but then they step back a bit and dive into a rock ballad passage. Back with power for the refrain. Cool rocker.
Walking On Nails first sounds quite Patti Smith-like (Because The Night), but then they add some heaviness. Partly Voodoo Six make me think of Kick - another British band - and I wonder if it's the same Chris Jones... I'm not a guitarist, but for me it sounds quite the same... And through the years the sound / play can change... Anyway, the guitar play is great.
With Saints & Sinners they offer another tune which starts balladesque, speeds up for awhile and returns to the balladesque. Another quite balladesque one is Mistaken. With a pumping bass line and sharp heavy riffs starts Century, but still very melodic and they keep changing speed. Again a 70's influenced rocker and as always with a modern touch.
The guys offer classic hard rock with a 70's vibe. Simple, but good. If you listen to 70's hard rock, if you like Led Zeppelin and heavy guitars, then you should check them out! I recommend No Friend Of Mine, Walking On Nails, Saints & Sinners and Shine On. If you look for innovative sounds, this isn't what you're looking for!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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