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On disc: Voodoo Hill

- Wild Seed Of Mother Earth - Alex Albrecht - 8 stars

Wild Seed Of Mother Earth

Wild Seed Of Mother Earth
(Frontiers - 2004)

Voodoo Hill is another project of the Italian guitarist Dario Mollo. Like on the debut which was released 4 years ago singer Glenn Hughes is taking over the vocal part. It took 4 years because Mr. Hughes was busy with Hughes Turner Project and Mr. Mollo couldn't imagine to work with someone else. Luckily! Voodoo Hill is 80's rock - melodic rock - which sounds a bit like Rainbow. Especially She Cast No Shadows could have been on a Rainbow album. The catchy song Atmosphere has funky elements and Can't Stop Falling is a slow one while Nothing Stays The Same and the title track Wild Seed Of Mother Earth have hit potential. A real heavy one is Dying To Live, harder then you would expect it from Voodoo Hill.
Not just for fans of traditional heavy rock / heavy metal, but if that's what you like, then you will love this one.

8 stars

Alex Albrecht
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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