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On disc: Voodoo Highway

Broken Uncle's Inn - Lars Bjørn - 8 stars

Broken Uncle's Inn

Broken Uncle's Inn
(Rock'N'Growl - 2011)

Success can come very sudden, Voodoo Highway has taken the chance with breaking this new recording out. Having trouble to find a record label have not stopped them, and here we are with a fantastic collection of hard rock songs on their debut release: Broken Uncle's Inn.

Federico DiMarco is the vocalist and guitarist who is behind most of what they do in Voodoo Highway, and they do this: Til It Bleeds, a hard rock opener with the good mood making guitar febrilism and if you as a rock fan don't find this attractive it will surely be hard to find anything that's more to your taste. The Fire Will Burn Away has a more laid back style, if you can describe strong competitive booster guitar and in-the-face singing as a laid back attitude, but the song is wonderful. J.C. Superfuck is a more groovy guitar sound and just hits it right on, and in my view the best song on the album. I have to mention the ballad Heaven With Stars, it's wonderful piano work that fits very much among these other hard rock songs. Great new album from Voodoo Highway.

8 stars

Lars Bjørn


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