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On disc: Vonassi

The Battle Of Ego - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Battle Of Ego

The Battle Of Ego
(ProgRock Records - 2010)

Vonassi is Jeff Vaughn and Vince Buonassi, they founded the project in fall 2007 in Chicago. After writing some songs it became clear that this will become a band and so they looked for a singer and found Chase Carter.
The trio kicks off heavily with The Drudge, a heavy prog rock tune with a catchy vocal line. Less metal, but as heavy as Dream Theater's Pull Me Under. Singer Chase Carter is also playing lead guitar while drummer Jeff Vaughn and bassist Vince Buonassi play keyboards and add the rhythm guitar parts. The booklet will enlighten you who add which parts. With Gini they offer a progressive rocker which is spiced up with some alternative rock-like passages. At Beginnings you'll find some indie elements, a catch tune which picks up speed and gets heavier towards the end. The title track The Battle Of Ego is a catchy tune with expressive vocals, heavy riffs and some keyboard elements. Enchanting. With Open Hands they got me right away! It's another tune which comes alive due to Chase Carter's vocals, this time combined with symphonic rock sounds and alternative rock riffing. Next in line In The Mirror, another emotional one which makes it easy to fall in love with. After the heavy rocker The New Game they slow down a bit for the progressive one Field Of View. It's the different shades of Vonassi's sound which make the album interesting, but the threesome manages to give the album a homogenous sound. Well done!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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