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On disc: Vomitory

- Primal Massacre - Peter Haber - 9 stars

Primal Massacre

Primal Massacre
(Metal Blade - 2004)

This is old-school death metal! Yes, yes, yes! No melodic death metal, during the 15 years of their existence they always played old-school death metal and are closer to the US death metal than to the Gothenborg scene. Shredded guitar riffing, blast attacks, double bass drum... That's what I want and that's what they offer. Listen to the neck breaking Chainsaw Surgery or to Retaliation. The Swedish recorded 10 tracks - running time 34:23 - which sounds quite short, but believe me, the 10 songs will almost kill you! What a killer album!

9 stars

Peter Haber
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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