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On disc: Vomitor

Devils Poison - Mike Thompson - 7 stars

Devils Poison

Devils Poison
(Master's Throne - 2010)

Imagine an old school thrash album recorded with Nocturno Culto on vocals and necro-black metal style production. Got that? If you can imagine that then you have a pretty damn good idea what Vomitor sound like!
Despite the 'recorded in an outside shithouse' production the music on Devils Poison is actually really good thrash! The music is relentless in its drive to melt your face and crush your skull. The riffs are interesting, the solos shred-tastic and the drums are just magnificent. Hellkunt keeps the beat going and never misses the chance to fill a gap with a few thundering smacks. I haven't been this excited about an Aussie band since I first heard the legendary Deströyer 666.
The vocals won't be to everyone's tastes. As mentioned above they bear a striking resemblance to Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto but they actually belong to one Death Dealer. There is a lot of reverb on the vocals which give them a muffled, otherworldly quality.
There is nothing really new on this album but in these days of a renewed thrash scene where all the bands are starting to sound like Slayer rip-offs its nice to hear a band embrace the truly dark edges of thrash inspired by the likes of Celtic Frost, Bathory and Sodom.

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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