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On disc: Void Moon

On The Blackest Of Nights - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

On The Blackest Of Nights

On The Blackest Of Nights
(Cruz Del Sur Music - 2012)

Doom metal from Sweden has traditionally been a successful combination, and Void Moon is a new band who earlier released a demo, and now introduce themselves with a full-length album On The Blackest Of Nights. Their songs are slow and clean sounded doom metal without disturbing elements of overpowering noisy or irrelevant sounds. The slow tempo in the songs are a blessing, so they can get their ideas on the table for people to understand them. Of the 9 songs that Jonas Gustavsson sings, we can especially enjoy Hammer Of Eden with a genuine doom atmosphere inside the song. The Word And The Abyss gives more speed for a change, but they still keep their own style to the making of the song, but nice to hear some aggression in their material. Also the title song On The Blackest Of Nights has a great atmosphere of doom and scary stories that gives their music more depth. Nice debut album from Void Moon.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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