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On disc: Vinder

Vertigo - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Vinder Records - 2011)

Vinder was founded 10 years ago by former Tyran Pace / Sinner drummer Ralf Schulz and bassist Thomas Mössinger. They looked for musicians and sooner or later found guys who shared their musical dream in guitarists Oli Kaufmann and Foti Stammler as well as singer Dirk Schäffner. In 2005 they released their debut Visions Of Time. Now they are back with Vertigo, a concept album which is visualized in a comic book with illustrations by Anja Uhren.
They kick off with computerized speech leading into The Letter / Dark Horizon. Soon the band joins in, they took their time to build up the song as it's a 8+ minutes long track. The guys are obviously inspired by 80's heavy metal, but the long instrumental passage at the beginning shows reminiscences to neo-classical / prog metal. Then they speed up and storm off into an up-tempo part. The riff-based part is inspired by Judas Priest. Somehow it makes me think of Primal Fear, not the riffing, the whole package. At Where Evil Dwells they combine Accept-like riffing with US metal elements and Dirk Schäffner adds some screams, when he sings a bit deeper his timbre reminds me of Mat Sinner - and so I again think of Primal Fear and Sinner... Musically they revive the 80's. In My Head sounds like a heavy metal version of Edguy... The title track Vertigo is heavier, riff-based instrumental. At Secret Door they combine heavy metal and melodic power metal elements, Dirk Schäffner is doing a good job, but it's also obvious that he has a limited range. The closer The Reckoning / It's Me is another long track and like the opener it has a long instrumental passage at the beginning... A bit like at the opener.... Just that this time it's more mid-paced.
Well, Vertigo is interesting for fans of 80's heavy metal. The guys don't show anything new, there are other bands who kinds revive old sound, but Vinder can't hook me up... You know, sometimes you simple enjoy the music big time, even if it all sounds familiar - but I can't say this about Vertigo. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent album and some will love it, but I'm not among them.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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