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On disc: Vidnaobinana

- Spore - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Relapse Records - 2002)

Spore is part 2 of a trilogy Vidnaobinana make / made based on Dante's Inferno. Part 1 was Tremor which lead the listener downwards, a musical trip. The electronic artist Vidna combines different style (ambient, ethno, industrial, etc.) and a vast variety of instruments (incl. e.g. Slovakian Fujara) to create ambient sound scopes 'with bolder and less spatial combinations of harmonics, dynamics and experimentation is even more accentuated' says the bio. It's like a movie sound­track; it's rhythmic, dense, eerie and pulsating.
To discover the sound scopes you have to concentrate on the music. No easy-listening stuff.
That the Belgian electronic musician decided to do this trilogy is probably based on the various works for Dutch National Radio, the Antwerp Zoo (soundtrack for the aquarium), Japanese TV docu­mentations, MTV USA, some Belgian video art and productions and played on more then 40 albums (solo and collaborative wordks) - that this project is a challenge.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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