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On disc: Vicious Art

- Pick Up This Sick Child - Leif Lohne - 8 stars

Pick Up This Sick Child

Pick Up This Sick Child
(Mighty Music - 2008)

A mean death metal bastard Vicious Art present with their second album Pick Up This Sick Child. The Swedish five are already known in the death metal genre and so the album is high class. Matti Mäkelä, Robert Lundin (both ex-Dark Funeral), Jocke Widfeldt (ex-Dominion Caligula), Tobbe Sillman (ex-Guidance Of Sin) and Jörgen Sandström (ex-Entombed, ex-Grave) know how to grind. And so the brutal opener Tombstone Grind shows that they won't give the listener a break! They hammer down the riffs precise as a atomic clock, even when they go to hyper-speed! The basis for their death metal is build on the Swedish variety like it was in the early 90's. Beside Tombstone Grind I recommend The Paulina Paw Paintings - with Jonas Torndal of Grave on guitar - and the powerful steam-rollers Our Family Flesh and The Topmost Violent God. If you are up to some extreme metal, take the album title literally and Pick Up This Sick Child!!!

8 stars

Leif Lohne
Translation: Claudia Ehrhardt


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