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On disc: Versital

- A New Millennium - Amir Djawadi - 6 stars

A New Millennium

A New Millennium
(VMI Rec. - 1999)

The band Versital was founded in San Antonio, Texas back in 1992. Guitarist Ervin Williams was inspired by the Queensrÿche era of Operation Mindcrime and Empire when he started the band to do something similar.
Spending time in Germany opens new dimensions and lead into the first studio recordings in 1994. A little later they released their debut CD and the media was very interested in them. But the negative attitude of the American radio scene for this kind of music forced the band to take a break. Now they are back with a different line-up. Musically they developed their style.
Beside founding member Williams David Shaw is playing guitar. Bass player Glenn Fukunaga played on this CD, but didn't become a permanent member and so Robert A. McRae took over the spot. Drummer Gilbert Pena and singer Paul Ritter complete the line-up.
A collection of 10 short, but pregnant songs bring 36 minutes of music on the silver disc. Variety is the most obvious trademark of the Texan band. This time heavy metal sounds like at My Light Disappears, the next time more melodic like on A Simple Day. Harmonic guitar solos and complex drum beats carry the listeners spirit away.
With the next one they speed up again, a less complex song. They change the speed and hardness back and forth, but always with some complexity and progressiveness. So, even more monotonous passages aren't simple or boring. Four musicians who live their life to the fullest and a pleasant shouter who covers different genres and even if you hear his influences you can't name just one singer...

6 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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