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On disc: Venom

Kissing The Beast - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars
Black Metal - Umberto Mino - 10 stars

Black Metal

Black Metal
(Sanctuary - 2009)

Black Metal...... For anyone it should be enough to understand how important this album is for the entire metal scene. A title that creates a new scene, a title that changes the metal world, a period that everybody loves: NWOBHM. In that years Cronos, Mantas and Abaddon created something that also today make us shake our heads and bellies....Black Metal, Leave Me In Hell, Countess Bathory are only as few titles of this remastered masterpiece!!! And if you think that I'm kidding, ask yourself, if Slayer, Anthrax, Machine Head and many others would be exist without this band.....
The bonus CD contains a lot of B-sides, Radio One live sessions, outtakes (Hounds Of Hell). Titles like Bursting Out, Bloodlust, In nomine satanas are only a few titles of this bonus optical disc. I know that you listened to this song a hundred times, but it's impossible for anyone who love heavy metal not to have this album in this new nice version!!!!

10 stars

Umberto Mino


Kissing The Beast

Kissing The Beast
(Sanctuary Records - 2002)

Venom are the primogenitors of the black metal bands we all know these days. The were big in their early day. On Kissing The Beast are songs of the post-Cronos era which were taken from the 1996 release Black Reign and 1999's release Buried Alive. On disc 2 of this release you find some classic Venom tracks like Black Metal, Buried Alive, Witching Hour and Die Hard to name just a few. Plus two cover versions, one is Hell Bent For Leather (live) of Judas Priest, the other is Speed King of Deep Purple. Well, for a Venom fan this might be interesting and cool, but in my ears this cover versions are disgusting. I heard better versions from cover bands...
So, this CD is hard to judge, coz on disc one are track which are in my opinion weaker and have just a few good moments to offer. On disc 2 are their classic track, partly in live versions and fans will love this stuff. Perhaps a good possibility to learn about the beginning of black metal and to see where the primogenitors end up... For fans of Venom this is probably interesting through some live versions, I guess. For metal heads who are interested in this band this DCD is interesting, coz it gives an overall look, even if then the In League With Satan anthology is more interesting. If you can take a look at the CD, you probably can make up your mind. If you get it cheap, then it's not a bad decision to take it....

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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