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On disc: Vaughn

- - Soldiers And Sailors
On Riverside
- Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Soldiers And Sailors<br>
  On Riverside

Soldiers And Sailors
On Riverside
(Z Records - 2000)

It's been awhile since we last heard of Danny Vaughn, that was in the days of Tyketto in the 90's. Now he's back with his band Vaughn, but if you take a look at the line-up you will think of Tyketto, coz Michael Clayton Arbeeny is playing drums, on bass is Jamie Scott (both former Tyketto), P.J. Zitarosa on guitar and on keyboards Kyle Cummings. Musically Vaughn is today what Tyketto was in the 90's and so this album offers 10 hard rock tracks. Catchy tunes which present Danny Vaughn as an outstanding singer, but also his band is fantastic! Is It All That Is? is the right track to listen to in summer time while riding down to some nice place... The tune Healing Hands is based on an unusual drum beat, unusual for hard rock and metal, but makes it sound interesting and it reminds me of a Tyketto track.... With Handful Of Rain they present a ballad like The End Of The Summer Days. Actually I can recommend this album to all fans of Tyketto, Giant, Bad English and all the other hard rock bands from that days. Try: Shadowland, Paradise Ain't Home and The Voice.

? stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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