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On disc: Vardlokkur

Articulo Mortis - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Articulo Mortis

Articulo Mortis
(Trollzorn Productions - 2012)

This band from Denmark is called Vardlokkur and they play some of the meanest black metal that Denmark has produced. And it is no wonder when you know who is behind this mega strike, guitarist and songwriter Vrede is known from the band Myrd, a band your journalist had the pleasure and shock to witness in a concert in 2010. Now he is in Vardlokkur and their second album is coming to the record shops. Series of brutal metal of the blackest kind attacks us on these 6 songs that they have on the new album. Blood and splatter is the rule, and especially the song Den Rustne Kloer is full of speed and black elegance. Hellpath shows how dedicated they are to black metal in a melodic and brutal mix that scores the points for them. Den Indre Deamon (The Inside Demon) is a superb represent for the album as it has everything they stand for summed up in this monster melodic and extreme black metal massacre. A great album for those who like violence in their black metal.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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