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On disc: ValSans

Sword - Lars Bjørn - 6 stars


(Pure Steel Records - 2011)

They have exists for about 15 years but the only products that have been put to their CV is an EP, Dawn Of Metal, in 2004, so it is not the records that are pressing on their backs, the Austrian warriors from ValSans. Now they are releasing their first studio album and it's called Sword. Maybe it's the lack of experience which is becoming overwhelming for them, because this long player, Sword, is full of great ambitions but without the ability to fulfil their goals. They try to do a good album with Viking metal and traditional heavy and power metal, but something gets lost along the way. The problem is that ValSans a kind of metal that is too simple without the necessary depth, so that people will be able to remember them and their songs. Often it gets to a staccato like kind of metal and ballads which are only half-hearted, which is really a shame, because I think they could have done something more, giving it some more fist, and also their vocalist Andy should be a little sharper in his singing etc. Golden Treasure is beyond the standard level, hard and meaningful metal, a good opener. Hall Of Fame is a ballad with ideas from Manowar's song Dark Avenger, but nowhere near in the same quality. The only song that sticks to your mind is Metal Crusade, a powerful metal ride along the blade of the sword they are producing. Good song, but the other material is only worthy of a smaller knifes blade, not a sword. If they want to try again, they need to sharpen their style and attitude, the talent is present, no doubt about that.

6 stars

Lars Bjørn


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