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On disc: Vader

- The Beast - Peter Haber - 8 stars

The Beast

The Beast
(Metal Blade - 2004)

The Polish death metal legend is back! This Beast is a killer! They start off with Out Of The Deep a fast death metal blast with hammering double bass drum and aggressive guitar riffing. But Vader work with breaks and so the almost 5 minute long opener isn't boring the listener. Singer Pete's deep growls are aggressive, but you can still understand most of the words. A screaming guitar solo is give a little break for the listener, coz here they slow down a little. At the same time the song is grooving. And after almost 20 years they still sound fresh and not backdated.
On Firebringer they come over you with a real death metal blast. They offer everything from doom death metal to heavy mid-tempo neckbreakers. They are still the kings of European death metal! One of the best songs is The Sea Come In At Last which is beside Out Of The Deep and Firebringer the song to check out. Vader fans won't be disappointed.

8 stars

Peter Haber
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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