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On disc: V8 Wixxxer

Gegensätze ziehen sich an (Split-CD) - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Kneipenterroristen vs V8 Wixxxer - Gegensätze ziehen sich an

Gegensätze ziehen sich an
(Remedy Records - 2009)

It seems that split-CDs are en vogue again... In this case it's a split-CD of Kneipenterroristen and V8 Wixxxer. The first 6 tracks are songs of the long-time German Böhse Onkerz cover band. They start with Eier aus Stahl, a punk / metal tune and a cover of a V8 Wankers track. With Rocker they deliver one of their own songs, a simple rock tune which can join in even after 20 beers! To cover Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire is a cool idea, but Ring um die Eier is... well, musically not that bad, but I wish I wouldn't understand the lyrics! The following track has a dash of Rammstein... Then they offer a cover of Rose Tattoo's Nice Boys - and again the lyrics starts annoying me. I guess you have to be hammered to enjoy them... With Mein letztes Bier they offer a slow acoustic track about a hangover... I guess fans of the band will enjoy this part of the CD, but others... well, I doubt it. Sorry, not my cup of tea!
V8 Wixxxer kicks off with a cover of Kneipenterroristen and offer Am äusseren Rand. Rock with rough edges. They also offer 3 songs of V8 Wankers - their alter ego - and fans of the dirty rock'n'roll of V8 Wankers will enjoy the Wixxxer versions! But the highlight is their Mötley Crüe adaption which they named Angela. Their ZZ Top cover of Sharp Dressed Man - now Für einen wie dich ist es immer zu spät - is fun. Additionally there are some videos added, value for money.... But if you want to spend money for this split-album, it's up to you! The V8 Wixxxer part is cool, the Kneipenterroristen didn't get me at all. I guess I'm just the wrong person to judge them. So check it out and make up your mind. This time no rating!

Track list:

Kneipenterroristen - Eier aus Stahl
Kneipenterroristen - Rocker
Kneipenterroristen - Ring um die Eier
Kneipenterroristen - Wer ficken will muss freundlich sein
Kneipenterroristen - Weicheier (Spielen keinen Rock'n'Roll)
Kneipenterroristen - Mein letztes Bier
V8 Wixxxer - Am äusseren Rand
V8 Wixxxer - Keiner sagt nein zu den V8Wixxxern
V8 Wixxxer - Angela
V8 Wixxxer - Bier und Malteser
V8 Wixxxer - Ein guter Arsch hat Seltenheit
V8 Wixxxer - Für einen wie dich ist es immer zu spät

Claudia Ehrhardt


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