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In Words: Unleashed

- Johnny Hedlund - July 2000 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Johnny Hedlund - July 2000 (by email)

Even if I know Unleashed for awhile, it's the first time that I did an interview. This time just by email, but Johnny was so kind to answer my questions. Not a very in depth look, but perhaps next time we can go more into detail...

Tell us about the beginning of the band and how you came up with the band name! What does it mean to you?

Unleashed started back in 1999 after the split up of Nihilist. After 2 demos we signed a recording contract with Century Media Rec. in 1991. The name Unleashed means to let something out or loose..... If you catch the band on a live show.... You'll get the point right there....

Your last album was released in 1997 (Warrior), then you took a break. Why did it take so long to come back?

We needed a break after 7 years of hard touring and recording. Also the scene was pretty low back in 1997 so the timing was right too for a break. We actually started working on Hell's Unleashed in 1999, but it didn't come out until 2002.

In summer 2001 you returned to the stages of some festivals. There you already played new stuff. Why you decided to play it live, even if the record wasn't released until late April 2002?

Because we wanted to see, if our faithful fans enjoyed the new stuff! And.... Yes, they did!

Your latest release is called Hell's Unleashed. Why?

Because that's what the band is all about... Unleashing hell..... It's a very suitable name for a record we think.

Did song writing changed during the last years? How does Unleashed write songs?

We write them as we always did. No major changes, but of course we try and develop a little from album to another. The style stays the same though.... Pure Death Metal.

Can you tell us something about the recordings? Where do you record it? Who produced it?

It was recorded in A-Musik Studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Produced by lead guitar player Fredrik.

Was it different to recordings in the past?

The production is a lot better. Bigger and we used more different guitars this time. Also the vocals are harder and sicker than before.

When you started your music was very extreme.... These days there are bands which are more extreme... How would you describe your music these days?

We ARE Death Metal. Period. To be extreme is easy.... To be good at it, for a long time is harder!

What inspires you musically?

Bands like slayer, older Venom and such.... We try to keep our own style and be as genuine Unleashed as possible though.

Which song is presenting the album best in your opinion? The title track?

All of them!

How do you choose the topics? What inspires you lyrically? Is there a song which has a special meaning for you?

Well we always bring up many different topics. I'd get bored to write about only one topic. Life, death and everything in-between could be an inspiration.

How are the reactions so far? Did you expect this kind of reactions?

Really good so far. We shall see also on the festival in Wacken what our fans think. But so far just looking at our website is really a pleasure. Our fans seem to really get into the new record.

Are there any plans for a tour in fall?

We are working on it. Nothing booked yet.

What can the fans expect from Unleashed live? Tell the fans, coz not everybody might have seen you live yet....

The absolute aggression extreme! HELL IS Unleashed. If you can't stand the hatred... Stay home!

When you're looking back, you toured with many different bands, any band you would like to tour with again?

Slayer would be nice...

You toured with Entombed. You partly played together in Nihilist.... How was touring with them?

Great, all really cool guys hangin' out with. We toured back in 1991 with them and as I recall it was a blast!

Have you ever thought about a co-operation with them? Or a reunion of Nihilist?

Nope. But you never know.

What do you think about MP3? Couldn't it help a young band to reach more fans?

Yes. If only a part of the song is played. If all music would be for free, it would be impossible to record it. Just like food.... Imagine who would keep food in a store, if it was free to take....

What can we expect from Unleashed in future?

Hell and more Hell..... We are working on a new record as we speak. We will also play where there is a demand for the band. Beware!

Famous last words.... Anything you want to tell your fans?

Thank you for this interview and hope to see you all on tour. CHEERS!
Johnny / Unleashed

Claudia Ehrhardt


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