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In Words: Unherz

- Locke - Aug. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Locke - Sep. 2011 - Lars Bjørn -

© Unherz

Locke - September 13th 2011 (by email)

The German outfit Unherz is back with a new album - Herzschlag. When they released their debut Unherzlich Willkommen we talked to them, now it's time to catch up. Thanks to Locke for taking time to talk to us!

Congratulations on your new album, just like last time with Unherzlich Willkommen all the text is in German language. Is it a principle for you to keep to the German language, or is it something you do here in the start of your career?

Hi. Locke here, the Unherz bass player... First of all, thank you that you are doing this interview with us!
To your questions: No, I don't think so. Should we ever have the urge to do a song in another language, then we will do that!

When did you actually start writing songs for your new album Herzschlag?

I think just about one week after the publication of Unherzlich Willkommen. ;-) The first song for Herzschlag was Rette mich so far as I can remember.

Do you write songs as a band? Or is there a main songwriter?

The main songwriters are our guitarist Andy and me. But each of us takes his chance to incorporate his ideas to our songs.

Can you tell us a little bit about the woman who features on the beautiful song Die Hölle muss schön sein...

Of course. Her name is Sandra Ruffing. She is a friend of mine and we played together in a band called Chairwalk about ten or more years ago...

What inspires you to write music/lyrics?

Everything around us. ;-)

How long did the recordings take? Where did you record Herzschlag? Who produced the album?

The producer of Herzschlag was Gerhard Magin. He also produced our first album. We joined his studio for about six weeks.

Which songs do you think represent Herzschlag best? And why?

Of course Herzschlag, because it is the title-track. But I also like Rette mich and Verlorene Welt very much.

You have done some live recordings, video clips that are already on YouTube. Do you plan to make more of this kind of stuff? And which songs do you have in mind then?

Yes. But the most of this 'live stuff' is in very bad quality. We hope to do a professional music video with one of the songs from... Maybe our third album!? ;-)

I guess you already got some feedback. Are you satisfied so far?

Yes, we are very happy with the most of the reviews. Of course there is some bad feedback too. But....who cares!?

What about playing live? I can see from you concert list that you have some concerts in the rest of 2011, and they are all in Germany. Do you also plan to play in other countries in 2012?

Right. The previously planned shows are all in Germany. But we are in contact with some different bookers and we hope to get some shows in foreign countries in the next year.

What's next on your schedule? Anything you want to add?

Of course, writing new songs and lyrics. And hopefully a loooong tour through Germany, Europe and the rest of the world!!! ;-) Stay tuned!

Lars Bjørn


© Unherz

Locke - August 23rd 2010 (by email)

Unherz is a new band which seems to join the competition about the legacy of Böhse Onkelz... Or just prejudice? To learn more about Unherz I sent over a some questions and quickly got them answered by their bassist Locke!

First of all, please tell us a bit how everything started!

Hi. I'm 'Locke', the bass player and background singer of Unherz.
First of all I would like to thank for supporting us.
Unherz was founded in January 2008 by our guitar player Andy, our drummer Bogi and me. A few month later our singer Felix completed the band.
We knew each other from different band projects and decided to do something together. Unherz was born...

Why did you choose the name Unherz? And what does it mean to you? What about the winged heart with the devil horns, who's idea was it?

We were looking for a good name for the band about few weeks. Every time when we met, another one came with a good idea. Unherz is a symbiosis of these proposals which meets the core of the thing very well! Yes, the winged heart with the devil horns....
It was my idea to do our logo in a style like that... I think it says very much about us and the way we are making music. It's, like our name, a little bit dangerous, a little bit lovely, a little bit of heaven and hell, I think...

You been supporting Crematory on their Pray tour last year, so most people didn't know you. How did the Crematory fans treat you?

To all our surprise, very well! We've been very skeptical first, if it will work to play our 'Rock'n'Roll' stuff to their Gothic metal audience, but it worked very well and we got positive response. Sometimes we had to play two or more extra songs!!

With the demo Zwanzigzehn you were shopping for a deal, right? First, why doing a soccer tune to step into the spotlight? Second, how was the feedback you got for Zwanzigzehn?

Right... We went to the studio in December 2009 and recorded a demo-CD with Zwanzigzehn and three more songs. Andy, Bogi and me are big soccer fans, so we decided to contribute our part to the World Cup! We sent this demo to almost 40 Labels and got very good resonance. Not just by our fans...

Now you have a deal with Massacre Records and your debut Unherzlich Willkommen is getting in stores soon. As this is your debut, how does it feel?

We are very proud and lucky about having a deal with such a great label like Massacre Records. And of course we are proud, but also a little nervous to see our debut album available in the shops.

Why the album title Unherzlich Willkommen?

If you do socially-critical songs that deal with topic such as the rapists in the Catholic Church or similar ass holes, then this entails that you are not welcome anywhere. That's what the title Unherzlich Willkommen should mean!

In my opinion the strongest songs are Amok and Die Bestie. Obviously inspired by more recent events.... How important is it for you to talk about this topics?

We live in the present! So it is very important for us to sing about topics that belongs to the here and now. We are not here to tell fairy tales....!

Any other socio-critical topic you will tackle next time?

Sure ;-)

Due to the German lyrics you seem to limited yourself a bit, even if some bands made it internationally. Will there be liner notes for non-German speaking fans?

No, unfortunately not. Maybe with the next album?!

To record Zwanzigzehn indicates that you are into soccer. Are you just watching soccer games or do you like to play too?

Right. Unfortunately we have no time to play soccer. But sometimes we are watching together and have a few drinks. Beer, Jack Daniels and something like that!

You seem to be influenced by Böhse Onkelz, which other bands inspired you?

I think we are more inspired by other things than by any other bands....! But there are so many bands we love to hear – from Rock'n'Roll till metal!

Some already criticized that your sound is too close to Böhse Onkelz, what do you think about that? What is your answer to them?

Of course, Felix sounds a bit like Kevin from Böhse Onkelz. But I think we play a much more metal style. We also like this band an hope to reach with our music a lot of fans which miss the Böhse Onkelz.

I guess you are looking for a chance to present the songs live... If you shouldn't get the chance to do a tour, will you try to play shows at the weekend?

I think we will play again a few shows with Crematory in 2011. But I think we also wanna play our own shows next year, or to get an good support slot for an band which fits good to Unherz.

What's on your schedule for the rest of 2010?

We are working on new songs an live performance at the moment. We will play a few shows in our area. Furthermore, we observe how our fan base is developing and we look forward to another album next year.

Thanx for your support! Unherz

Seems that there is more behind Unherz and perhaps they manage to prove their critics wrong and next time show less references to Böhse Onkelz... And I like to hear that they will present some more socio-critical songs in future! Check out Unherz!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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