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In Words: Ugly Kid Joe

- Klaus & Shannon - July 1995 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Klaus & Shannon
- July, 18th 1995 - Lahr (Germany) -

The California boys present their new album Menace To Sobriety live as support of Bon Jovi. Today they played the last open-air show in Germany. The first time they are playing live here with their new drummer Shannon Larkin. The new album is harder and has a larger variety. quot;We are a metal band. We developed and been influenced. You can't survive, if you close up yourself against influences in these days.quot; Before they headed to Europe the band played a West coast tour with Dog Eat Dog and Goldfinget. The ticket prices were 5.- US$ and the shares of the ticket sales were a charity for Lifebeat - a paediatric AIDS foundation. Sadly it wasn't possible to do the same in Europe, but too many people want to cash in here in Europe. Shannon joined the band, 'cause quot;I can play everything with them, metal, funk, blues, ... Everything. It's like a dream come true for a drummer.quot; The Californians enjoy their life and don't mind about the sales. quot;For us it's okay, if we sell as much albums as the last time or enough that we can record a new one.quot; Milkman's Son their first single in Europe is in the heavy rotation on MTV, on the tour with Bon Jovi thousands of fans saw them, so they don't mind about their future. In the US another song is released as the first single. quot;It was a decision of the record label. They think this song is a better choice for Europe.quot; Milkman's Son is a song about everyday life, something everyone can understand. quot;We want to write about things everyone can understand and something we know. No fantasy and no politics.quot; Perhaps they won't have as much success as they had with America's Least Wanted or with their single Cats In The Cradle. On the other hand on the album are a few very hot tracks. The scene changed since the release of their debut, nobody knows what's next. The band of Whit Crane has the right attitude, they enjoy their life the way it is and don't expect too much for the future. They live right here, right now. Take a little bit of their attitude for yourself and make the best out of everything.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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