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On disc: Urfaust

IX Einsiedler (single) - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
The Constellatory Practice - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

The Constellatory Practice

The Constellatory Practice
(Vn Records - 2018)

The Dutch duo Urfaust is back with a full-length album called The Constellatory Practice. They invite you into their sound universe of ambient sounds and black metal parts. Doomy they kick of with Doctrine Of Spirit Obsession. The track is more than 12 minutes long and they create a dark, threatening atmosphere. The droning sounds, wordless vocal parts can give you the creeps. Very intense!

Behind The Veil Of The Trance Sleep is not as doomy, but more intense and.... It will make you feel uneasy. Later the atmosphere changes, but is still dark and it's now A Course In Cosmic Meditation. It's hypnotic, only the sparse drumming of Vrdrbr is preventing one to get lost, to drown in the dark threatening synthizer sounds.

False Sensorial Impressions is based more in black metal than the previous songs, but it's even more... unsettling. It's haunting. It's the soundtrack for your worst nightmare! The other long track Trail Of The Conscience Of The Dead is based on slow thunderous, droning riffs. IX vocals have something elevated... like you listen to a apocalyptical mass
Eradiction Through Hypnotiv Suggestion is the closer of this chapter. In my opinion not as strong as other tracks. But the music of Urfaust is creating emotions and everybody might feel different emotions while listening.

Some might think Urfaust is boring, coz it's very minimalistic and in a way repetitive, but if you give the tracks the chance to develop and to grow on you, the atmosphere is getting you! It's the soundscape for your nightmares!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


IX Einsiedler

IX Einsiedler
(Ván Records - 2009)

I don't have much information about Urfaust, the Dutch duo is active as Urfaust since 2003 and released 2 full-length albums in 2004 and 2005. Since then they did an EP and some splits. Now they have a new EP, a 2-track one called IX Einsiedler with 18+ minutes running time.

The opener is called IX: Einsiedler and is with about 12 minutes quite long. Slowly they kick of this black-ish sonic trip, an atmospheric opening which sounds dark and desperate. After 2 minutes the song changes... the guitars seems to stand against the desperation and the pain the vocals transport. IX uses his voice like an instrument, not using words, just creating atmospheric sounds. Towards the end Urfaust add a symphonic touch and the song has a less desperate atmosphere. The other track is called Verderber. This time IX's guitar leads you into the song, then drummer VRDRBR joins in. After an atmospheric opening they turn to more black metallic sounds, but the atmospheric guitar stays in the background. The howling vocals make you shiver, but then the duo returns to the atmospheric opening theme. They go back and forth. The song somehow shows the different extremes of Urfaust's sound.

Friends of raw black metal might find this EP not raw enough, but everybody who likes the different shades of black metal should check it out!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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