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On disc: Unsane

- Lambhouse - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


Lambhouse (The Collection 1991-1998)
(Relapse Records - 2003)

The booklet starts with "The music is the thing with Unsane, and it's a pure thing. Pull up all the best words associated with noise rock - brutal, unflinching, assaultive, heart-stopping, indomitable - and this New York trio embodies it all. Perfectly." Followed by a short biography written by a music journalist. Then a track list of the CD where you can see from which albums the songs are taken. Same with the DVD, in that case where it's been recorded live. And a discography. That's the booklet.
Musically this can be called a 'Best of' CD, coz is has 24 tracks from Unsane's albums. It's a good look over the career of the noise rockers from New York. And partly it reflects also the change of the genre as well. It starts with songs from their 1998 release Occupational Hazard. Only 1993's release Total Destruction is just represented with 3 tracks, the others are presented with 5 to 6 songs. The chosen songs show the variety of the trios noise rock. Songs like Committed from their last album is groovy, has hard hitting drums, pounding bass and noisy guitars crowned by the rough vocals. Interesting for fans of noise rock, but also for metal fans who are into noisy guitars and can deal with heavy, grooving music. Not metal, but quite heavy.
For fans of the three-some this is interesting, too, coz the DVD shows the band live at different stages of their career. For music fans who are interested in this kind of music - or what to check it out - this compilation of Unsane songs is giving a good overlook.
The bonus DVD has beside the clips live footage from 4 different shows. The menu is pretty easy. You can choose 'Play All', 'Live Shows' and 'Videos'. There is a sub-menu where in case of the video clips all clips are listed, you can choose the single titles or all. In the 'Live' section the sub-menu gives the opportunity to choose a show and then all songs of the show or single tracks. Others add to a few live songs some multi-media stuff, they have just music on the DVD. So, enjoy the clips and the live shows of Unsane.

Track list CD:
  • Over Me
  • Committed
  • Wait To Lose
  • Sick
  • Hazmat
  • Lead
  • Empty Cartridge
  • Blew
  • Can't See
  • Out
  • Alleged
  • Scrape
  • Broke
  • Straight
  • Body Bomb
  • My Right
  • Streetsweeper
  • Urge To Kill
  • This Town
  • Vandal X
  • Bath
  • Organ Donor
  • Cracked Up
  • Exterminator

Track list DVD:
  • Sick (1)
  • Scrape (1)
  • Alleged (1)
  • Body Bomb (1)
  • Sick (2)
  • Over Me (2)
  • Committed (2)
  • Lead (2)
  • Wait To Love (2)
  • Can't See (2)
  • Scrape (2)
  • Alleged (2)
  • Empty Cartridge (2)
  • Straight (3)
  • Blew (3)
  • No Less (3)
  • Test My Faith (3)
  • Trench (4)
  • Maggot (4)
  • Cut (5)
  • Broke (5)
  • H.L.L. (5)
  • Vandal-X (5)

(1) = Singles, (2) = Live Videos 2003,
(3) = Live 1996, (4) = 1994, (5) = 1992

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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