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On disc: Unisonic

Ignition - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(ear Music - 2012)

Many metal fans have been waiting for Michael Kiske to return with a real metal album, well, this is an appetizer for you! If you expect to get songs which sound like old Helloween, then you will soon realize that Unisonic is more then just two former Helloween members!

The opener Unisonic is a fast metal track which shows it's potential after several spins, but hooks you up right from the start.

A more rock-based tune is the mid-paced My Sanctuary shows that this isn't a revived Keepers Of The Seven Keys thing, this is a band which shows their love for rock and metal. Michael Kiske worked with drummer Kosta Zafiriou and bassist Dennis Ward on Place Vendôme, this is a heavier version - in a way... But the more rock-based sound works well and gives guitarists Mandy Meyer and Kai Hansen the chance to show a different facet.

The demo track Souls Alive sound great to me and I'm curious how it will sound at the end. I love the slow passage where the band steps back and gives Michael Kiske all the space to shine, but then the song seems to explode and a great, memorable guitar part follows. A very catchy tune which might become one of my favorites on the upcoming album....

The closer is a live version of I Want Out and every Helloween fan will appreciate it! It shows that Michael Kiske is still one of the best metal singers and even if Unisonic won't bring back the old days, it's shows that Mr. Kiske is doing metal again! Can't wait to hear the upcoming album!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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