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On disc: Unherz

Unherzlich Willkommen - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars
Herzschlag - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars
Therapie: Die besten zehn Sitzungen - Stephanie Malin -

Therapie: Die besten zehn Sitzungen

Therapie: Die besten zehn Sitzungen
(Massacre Records - 2012)

Therapie - die besten zehn Sitzungen is Unherz's 2012 best-of album. It contains a decent collection of songs, ranging from fast beats to slower ballads.

The first track on the album is Therapie, a simple song, yet one that is undeniably catchy, and it also sets the tone for the majority of the album. Sünder vor dem Herrn is the next song on the album. Despite the fact that it is a good song, it is too similar, too soon - it has the same vibes as Therapie, although this does also make it another catchy track.

The next song that Unherz picked for the album is Inferno. This is quite an improvement on the previous two songs: the rhythms have more alteration and progression and it makes for a much more interesting listen; if this song falls short anywhere, it is probably on the vocals, which are arguably the worst on the entire album, especially during the verses.

Die Zeit heilt alle Wunden briefly changes the mood and sound of the album; it is brooding, memorable and slow. To say the least, this certainly deserves to be on a best-of. With Herzschlag, Unherz quickly re-establish their signature sound of hard-hitting drums and guitars, although the song fails to flow particularly well from the previous one.

Although most of the songs on this album are catchy in their own way, something about Und Dunkelheit wird Licht makes it one of the least forgettable. It is certainly more upbeat than the other songs, with an oddly positive aspect. Prall und kugelrund is the humorous and light-hearted song on the album, as the name probably suggests. A little bit naughty, a little bit ribald, but still good enough to bang your head and tap your feet to.

The next song, 20.000 Freunde, seems almost like an anthem; although unmistakably Unherz, it is still one of those songs that shows that their music can have a bit of variation to it. Die Hölle muss schön sein was certainly a nice surprise to hear on the album. It is awe-inspiring and noteworthy, and a pleasure to listen to, but it does fail to be memorable outside of the album.

Unherz finish the album off with Rette mich, and in all honesty, they chose the last song wisely. Everything about the song - from the tempo to the tonality - makes for a perfect climax.

Overall, Therapie goes to show two things: firstly, that Unherz is not a band that will be changing the face of metal or rock anytime soon; and secondly, that, in spite of this, the band still produces music that is catchy, enjoyable and timeless.

Stephanie Malin



(Massacre Records - 2011)

Germany has always been a country where many metal bands came from and this band Unherz fully lives up to the German tradition. They have one album under their belt, Unherzlich Willkommen and to mention it right away, all their texts are in German language but that is just part of their image. They are very German in their attitude, they even do references to the famous pop music queen Nena with their song Und Dunkelheit wird Licht, actually a heavy song, but with typical inputs that Nena also used to attend to. If you are not convinced yet, just go to the next song which is called Rette mich, then you can no longer hide the Nena aspect (Rette mich was one of Nena's greatest songs, alongside 99 Luftballons). But start from top with the title track Herzschlag, they give it to you in the face without hiding anything in the corner. Herzschlag is hard rhythm heavy metal so competent that it thrills me very much to listen to such music. Prall und kugelrund is a little different song where they make fun of the German people in general, little overweight and so on, but the song is a nice mix of pop and heavy metal and it comes out in a successful variation. Die Hölle muss schön sein is a ballad that softens the album greatly with a real quality ballad. The next song I want to mention is the scary one: Die Stimme tief in mir where it starts soft and melodic and then the heavy sounds comes into the music as it grows wilder and more deep. This song is the best of the album and helps bring the admiration to the top for this unique band.

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


Unherzlich Willkommen

Unherzlich Willkommen
(Massacre Records - 2010)

With Unherz a new German heavy rock band is entering the scene, musically they are interesting for fans of Böhse Onkelz, people who think Die toten Hosen are more pop rock... The foursome kicks off with Sünder vor dem Herrn, the simple heavy rock is spiced up with some cool guitar leads. The lyrics of Die Bestie are provoking as it's about children abuse by priests. Well done. But with Zwanzigzehn they present a lyrically stereo-type soccer hymn, but also musically it a quite simple heavy rock tune. As the album is released after the soccer world cup they are a bit late, especially as they claiming that the German team will win and by now we know they didn't. Actually the more sociocritical songs like Amok are more intense and have a lot more to offer. But it's a pity that not everybody will understand their lyrics... The closer Unherz is a another heavy rock tune, but more melodic - and catchy. Again the guitar leads sticks out. Musically my favorite, while lyrically I prefer songs like Die Bestie and Amok. More personal preferences then a matter of quality.
The German quartet offers heavy rock / metal with German lyrics, so if you like that kind of stuff, then check out Unherzlich Willkommen!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt

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