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On disc: Unheilig

- Puppenspiel - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars


(FanSation - 2008)

Unheilig present their new album Puppenspiel. They kick off with Vorhang auf, which combines electronic beats and the typical warm up of an orchestra just before the beginning of a play, but develops into an electro-gothic tune. On top off it Graf's voice. Vorhang auf leads over to Puppenspieler - an electronic, danceable tune. Due to the heavy guitar riffing they cross over to NDH. Some might be reminded by Graf's vocals by Rammstein, but I think the vocals are emotional and Unheilig use some very intense melodies during the refrain. On Spiegelbild the vocals are deeper and a bit threatening... And during the refrain enthralling. The melody line is quite haunting. And the lyrics are very poetic and also powerful. Mastermind Graf puts you under his spell! With Dein Clown, Kleine Puppe - vocally quite similar to Till Lindemann - and Fang mich auf Unheilig invites to hit the dance-floor while Sei mein Licht is a slower piano / synthesizer-based tune. The song has a melancholy touch. With An deiner Seite he created a beautiful, touching balladesque tune! The song is a homage to a friendship. This one is really enchanting! One of the highlights on Puppenspiel!
Lampenfieber is probably the song which has most similarities to Rammstein... Luckily most of the time Unheilig stay away from that sound and convince the listener with their own sound. Towards the end Unheilig slows down a bit. Wie viele Jahre is another melancholy tune while Der Vorhang fällt has some electronic beats, but also a sad note. Last, but not least you get an instrumental Memoria - which shows even better that the lyrics are the strong point of Unheilig.
It's the combination of danceable electro beats, heavy guitar riffs and the vocals of Graf which are the trademarks of Unheilig, but without songs like Sei mein Licht and An deiner Seite it wouldn't be such an intense experience. The music itself might win you, but it's the lyrics which are the strongest argument for Unheilig.
The limited edition has 2 bonus tracks - Spielzeugmann and Glaub an mich.
To check Unheilig out I recommend: Puppenspieler, Feuerengel and An deiner Seite.

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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