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On disc: Unhale

Human Race - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

Human Race

Human Race
(7 Hard Records - 2012)

Unhale gets their musical inspiration from different genres of metal, both death metal, dark metal and a bit of hardcore metal. That shows in their new album Human Race that they are releasing via 7 Hard Records. Their latest album Sins Overcome is now followed up by a vicious CD that mostly holds death metal of the melodic influenced sounds which gives a new dimension with growling death metal that are well-worked and does not get boring or irrelevant. But also they put some mean and massive death metal in as the songs Shady Hope and No Gods No Heroes really turns up the intensity of their sound. Eternal goes for a combination with dark and death metal where especially the drums dominate the show for a massive metal sound. The melodic death metal is represented in songs like Little Formless Fears, Division Confidence and Temporary Sun. So no matter how you look at it Unhale is really able to spread their performance in several directions. Well done.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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