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On disc: Umbra et Imago

- Dunkle Energie - Katja Müller - 4 stars

Dunkle Energie

Dunkle Energie
(Oblivion - 2001)

A monk choir is the first thing you hear at the latest album of the gothic metallers Umbra et Imago. The sound of Dunkle Energie isn't powerful... Not up-to-date, too, and sometimes keyboards and guitars are too far in the back, too indifferent... This sound makes them sound like a Rammstein rip-off... Sometimes lyrics can add something positive, here the pseudo erotic - more sexistic - and vulgar lyrics have a negative effect. This is probably just a female way to see it and men might like this... In a way the lyrics - and also the pics in the booklet - fit to all the well-known sex hotlines you see on TV at night.
I have no idea why the singer of Tanzwut decided to contribute to this one. Interesting is their version of Billy Idol's White Wedding, coz the gothic / dark wave sound adds something new to this classic. A dark album, but instead of spreading some bittersweet beauty, this one has a grim, dreadful atmosphere. No highlight. Genre fans should listen first! Not everybody will like Dunkle Energie... I won't keep my copy, perhaps I'll find someone who likes it... For me a waste of money, but that's just my opinion. You might have a different one....

4 stars

Katja Müller
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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