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On disc: Üebermutter

- Unheil! - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars


(Roadrunner Records - 2008)

Back in 1994 there was a act called Lucilectric and with their singer Luci van Org they had a single hit called Mädchen. To be honest I dislike the song still. After Lucilectric Mrs. van Org started Das Haus von Luci, a band based in wave / gothic and became known in the fetish scene. She also worked as an actress, columnist and as a radio host. In 2007 Luci started her latest project Üebermutter.
They kick off with Mädchen Teil Zwo which shows them guitar-driven and with a bit bombastic sound... Due to Luci's pronunciation she sounds a bit like Rammstein... and even the music is close to them. The words remind me a bit of fairy-tales of the brothers Grimm... She calls her lyrics post-feministic which probably is best shown at Heim und Herd - which is an up-tempo tune which heavy riffs and a catchy refrain. But personally I have a problem with the lyrics... Some phrases have been used in the past by the Nazi regime... And so I prefer lyrically a song like Meer. The song Meer has a melancholy touch, but is still based on heavy guitar riffs. On Brenne they take the listener onto a roller coaster ride... it starts slowly, even if a bit threatening... Then you hear some kids sing, then it explodes and get heavy and aggressive... later returns to some mid-paced part and with the kids joining in it starts allover again. On Gebärmaschine she kinda reverse the meaning the word has from the 3rd Reich... As she talks about men as they were slaves of the women and only there to make them pregnant.... So that they can give birth. Controversial. Especially as you have to listen closely to get the meaning.
Well, musically I have nothing to complain, even if I think they are a bit too close to Rammstein's sound. But the lyrics are controversial, so everybody has to make his / her own decision. I think this is album some will love, others will hate... Its well done and so it's just a matter of taste...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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