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In Words: 2 Ton Predator

- 2 Ton Predator - June 2000 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

2 Ton Predator - June 2000 (by email)

Quiet a while ago I got from Diehard Records the CD of the band 2 Ton Predator and because I haven't heard of them before, so I tried to get some answers....

When you started the band, it was named Wedge. Later you changed the name. Why do you named the band 2 Ton Predator?

There was already 2 bands called Wedge and an American bakery, so we figured it was time for a change. We got the idea for 2 Ton Predator from Discovery Channel while watching a documentary on great white sharks, in the program the refereed the shark "2 Ton Predator", and we thought that sounded fuckin' awesome!!

Do you want to make a kind of statement with this name?

Not really, we just thought it suited our music style fine and it sounded hard as hell!!

How would you describes your music?

Heavy, heavy stuff with a lot of groove and melodies, aggressive without being to extreme!!!

Why you named your album In The Shallow Waters?

Read, "2 Ton Predator the shallow waters!!" get it??!

Please tell a something about the lyrics! How do you came up with the ideas for them?

We all contribute to the lyric writing, we get ideas for the lyrics in our everyday life. Cause there's so many fucked up things that happened in our lives and we have a pretty good opportunity gettin' it out through our music! Mostly it is about the dark and bad stuff in life, we very seldom write fiction stories!

The album is in the stores for a while now. The CD reviews I saw, been pretty good. How was the reaction in general? Any reactions from fans?

Well, we have done a lot of interviews, and we have received fan mails and stuff. But we haven't been on tour yet and I think that is extremely important for reaching out to people and getting fans!

Are any concerts planned or a tour? Will you play any festivals this summer?

We're playing a festival here in Sweden, Stålverksfestivalen at 4-5 Aug. and that's the only one booked as far as festival gigs goes this summer. Then we are going on a European tour with Crowbar, but the tour doesn't kick off un­til December. But we're working on getting more gigs!! .

Do you had the chance to play a lot live in the past? So, what can we expect live?

It's kinda hard to get gigs here in Sweden when you don't have released any records, so no, we haven't done to many gigs in the past! But the gigs we have done, have been very fuckin good and we have received very nice critics. You can expect a lot of energy live, intense and a helluva lot of headbanging.

Do you think that the problems you've been through are kinda reason for your sound? Do you think that influenced your song writing?

Yes, of course! Everything that happens to you affects you and this is our way getting it out!
We had a lot of problems with rip offs and then Mogge was put in jail for 8 months!!

How important are the lyrics for you?

The lyrics are as important as the music, we all write lyrics and I think we do it pretty much in the same way, there's no "message" hidden in our songs. It's just everyday life stuff... "We don't say, "Do this.... And do that..." it's more like "Hey, this is how I feel...!"

What's the idea behind Hole In My Mind?

It's about what happens when you do a certain thing too much.........

Is there any song which has a special meaning for you? And why?

Not particularly, every song means something special to the one who wrote it.

Have you already started writing new material? How do you write songs? Does someone came up with an idea which you work on? Or is it more kinda jamming?

At the time we have 11 songs ready and a few more on the way, we're a very productive band!
The way we make the songs vary a lot, sometimes Petter or Tobbe have a complete song ready, but most of the time we build the songs by jamming. We all contribute to the ar;rangements of the songs which is very good!

What can we expect from your next album?

A better album!!! Note, I think "In the shallow waters" is a very fucking good album! Beware of the next one!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you would have a wish, what would you want to become true? For yourself, for your music and what would you wish in general?

Well, a dream come true would be to get out on the road as often as possible, and then I would like very much to make some money, so I could buy myself a Harley Davidson motorcycle!!

Cheers! 2 Ton P. crew

So, we have to wait until winter time to see them live in Europe, then I'll try to find out more about the band, touring abroad and to get latest news....

Claudia Ehrhardt


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