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In Words: Torment

- Chris & Jörn - Sep. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Chris & Jörn - September, 17th 2009 (by email)

Torment celebrate their 25th anniversary and as they seem to take it easy and don't allow anybody to press them into some framework they are still alive and kicking. Time to talk to the Hanseatic! The first part is answered by Chris and then Jörn takes over, enjoy reading!

It's now 25 years of thrash'n'roll... Have you ever thought that Torment will stay around for so many years?

Chris: Well, I don't think that there were any future-plans at all when Jörn and Carsten started Torment back in the 80s. It was all about having fun and playing metal with some friends. When they released their debut-EP Bestial Sex in 1987 they surely realised that the band was more than just worth to carry on. Now, more than 20 years later, the band is still solid and active, although the line-up changed many times.

It seems that you do what you want to do and don't accept to be pushed into the album-tour-album routine... Is this the secret why your songs still sound fresh?

Thanks for the compliment. It's true, we never gave a damn about what others meant we had to do. And because of that there's absolutely nothing to regret. Everything we've ever done came from our metal-hearts, and that's why our fans still stick to Torment. After 25 years we really know what's best for us.

Let's talk about the album Tormentizer! Have the songs been written lately? Or gathered over a longer period?

The music was written over the last four years. We started writing the new songs about one year after Tormentation saw the light of day. Usually Carsten comes up with an idea which we work out until it becomes a complete song, except for the lyrics. Jörn is very busy with Remedy Records and his Kneipenterroristen-stuff, so he writes his lyrics when the basics are finished. That's also the reason why he passed playing the bass on to our new member Tom. Most of the lyrics for the Tormentizer-album were written in 2008.

Which song(s) are presenting best Torment 2009 for you?

Hmmm... The complete album is 100 percent Torment, of course. If somebody needs a first impression he should start with the opener Tormentizer. One of my favorites because of the stomping chorus. Or take Heavy Metal Whorehouse, which shows the other side of Torment. Much more Rock'n'Roll. And a lot of humor in the lyrics, but better listen yourself.

You already played at Wacken a few times and this time you'll celebrate your anniversary at their big 20th anniversary party. I guess it will be a special show... Can you tell us some details?

Our setlists contains songs from every album, we won't focus on the latest one that night. We'll play Bestial Sex from 1987 as well as Stalker from 2009. It will be a nice party. Maybe we will destroy some things on stage. Did you see our 20th anniversary-show on the Metal Bash-festival 2004 here in Germany? It was a REAL bash! Well, we're Torment, you know what I mean...

And will you record the show? Perhaps for some future DVD...

I know it's time for a Torment-DVD. The only one released so far is the 'Metal Bash 2003'-show, but it's more like an official bootleg. The Wacken-show will certainly be recorded professionally, but we first have to check the material before we can make a decision what to do with it.

Jörn, how important is Remedy Records for you? Does it gives you the freedom to write and record whenever you want?

Jörn: Yeah, due to Remedy Records I have the freedom to live a live full of Rock'n'Roll! :) It's definitely easier this way, I'm on the road almost every weekend with one of my bands, Torment, Kneipenterroristen or Motörment. And it's also easier to record an album in a row or take your time for song writing. I never repent my decision to start Remedy Records, even if I have to work for 16 hours or more some days.

Due to Remedy Records you get in touch with everything the metal scene offers these days. But you are based in 80's metal and punk, does the new sounds make you focus more on the 80's?

I'm still open to new sounds and I listen to nearly every new metal, punk, Oi or hardcore record that comes out, but to be honest, I prefer old school shit like old Slayer, Carnivore, Motörhead, Bulldozer, Rose Tattoo, Kiss, Razor, Tank, Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer or Backwater.
I also listen to a lot of Punk, Oi and Hardcore stuff like Anti-Nowhere League, Social Distotion, Böhse Onkelz, Exploited, V8 Wankers / V8 Wixxxer, Ramones, Cock Sparrer or Business.

What's going on with Motörment and Kneipenterroristen? Any shows planned? Or can your fans expect to get some more Torment shows now?

We just played a few Motörment shows and we plan some more Torment shows after Wacken. But I have 2 or more Kneipenterroristen shows almost every weekend so it's hard to find time for more shows, I already played some shows were Motörment supported Kneipenterroristen, but 5 hours on stage is a hard time. :)

Any news you can tell us?

Remedy Records will release a W.A.S.P. tribute in late 2009 / early 2010 with 2 covers by Torment (Animal, Fuck Like A Beast and I Wanna Be Somebody) and 1 Kneipenterroristen cover (a German version of Mean Man called Fiese Sau) and after a Kneipenterroristen / V8 Wixxxer split-CD and the new Kneipenterroristen album we plan to do a Torment album with cover versions of punk, Oi and hardcore songs.

Thanx for the support and beware of the Tormentizer!

Stay Tormentized

Chris, Jörn and the rest of Torment.

Wow, sounds like they are really busy... And that Torment fans - as well as the ones of Kneipenterroristen - have a lot to look forward to!
Thanks to Chris and Jörn for answering my questions!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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