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In Words: Three Days Grace

- Neil Sanderson - Aug. 2008 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Three Days Grace - official band photo
Three Days Grace

Neil Sanderson - August 22nd 2008 (by phone)

The Canadian band started back in the 90's and have their second album out which is called One-X, but the album was already released in their home country and the USA in 2006. Now they are out to conquer the rest of the world. "It's exciting to start again, we want to come over to Germany and I'm glad that the CD comes out at a different time" drummer Neil Sanderson tells me. "We already toured a lot in the USA and Canada. We almost be on the road for 2 years and now we are off the road and work on new songs." Usually a band wants to concentrate on writing, but not 3DG! "We really want to get over to tour! It's exciting. We did a handful of shows with Hoobastank and I been over as a backpacker. It's great to get to Germany, the people are so friendly and so genuine. Playing in Germany is very intense, the music fans are really enthusiastic." Pretty often people think that too many bands tour here and that the people are kinda fed up... "I think it depends on the band. The people are lovers of music in general, they appreciate the music." Neil adds. And it seems that the fans of Three Days Grace are special.... "There are a lot of people following us even in the US, you won't believe it as the place is so big. We appreciate it and so we give everything every night. And the fan reaction is so intense, a crazy crowd and that gives us energy to add even more!" And the fans can always expect some surprise... "When we come over we might play some new material, if we feel like. We always write songs, even on the road and we already have some songs for the next record. We try to be... We basically keep to some structure, but change songs and if we feel like jamming, we jam!" Sounds like it's a great experience to see them live. But the band also grants a look behind the scenes by placing messages on YouTube for their fans. "It always been our philosophy that the fans are #1 priority. For us it's really important to keep in touch, to communicate with the fans and so we give them a look behind the scenes on tour and also present ourselves that way." Other bands try to hide a bit to keep their privacy and so this makes the band even more special. The lyrics are very intense and give away a lot, coz singer Adam Gontier wrote some songs during a rehab. But at the same time the lyrics are quite universal... Neil said "The lyrics changed, but were always emotional... The lyrics are personal and tell about difficulties and experiences, but its always about a change for the better. We always wrote about what we experienced - and others had similar experiences. The world is changing constantly and people look for something real. They look for something real in music.. in entertainment... Something they can identify with. It's really cool to create art and see it interpretated by others. And to see how they interpretated it in their own way... to their own life." And I think that's the magic their music has, the intensity comes from the personal experience, but is so close to many people that everybody can feel it. But as we were running out of time I had one last question... I wanted to know what Three Days Grace stands for! And Neil explained: "Basically the message is that you can change everything in your life which is destroying you to the better. If you would have only 3 days to life, then make the best out of it.. Make it better." And then it was time for him to go on, another appointment, but we will continue our conversation when they come on tour! But beside the album they released these days their first DVD in North America, and in Germany it will be out too. So you can get an idea about the music and the band. More when they are on tour, make sure you don't miss them!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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