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In Words: Thrash M

- Dave 'Winter' - Jan. 20009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Thrash M promotion photo
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Dave - January 11th 2009

Surfing the internet sometimes let you discover some interesting things. I'm always looking for interesting bands, especially in places where most don't expect them, but just beacuse we don't hear much from that territories. And so I found Thrash M from Poland. To learn a bit more about them I did an interview with them!

Please tell us a bit about the beginning of Thrash M!

The whole thing started with an idea of a band maybe in 2005...2006? I really don't remember, but whole thing really began in 2007, when Junior and Jezuss came with initiative and called me with question about take a place of drummer in their band they wanted to make. We all we're big fans of Bay Area thrash scene and we wanted to make music in that old school thrash style, sound like Megadeth and stuff but with a bit more modern riffs, couse' Junior and I we're fans of melodic death metal, too. We made some rehearsals and everything was going well. So we're started searching for bass player. We found Nordian and he's a really good bass player and we have really great contact. The line-up didn't changed from that time.

Why did you choose the name Thrash M? And what does the M stands for?

The M? Hehe it's really funny story. Jezuss and Junior we're looking for a band name and one time they we're drinking beers and Jezuss came with idea and asked is there a band named 'thrash'. After a few moments they were thinking that almost every band they like has a M in the name. So they we're laughting about name a band Thrash M. But after that they realised it's damn good idea hehe. It's a short version of 'thrash'em', it's really original and it's easy to remember. Many people looks at our band name and think that it's short cut of 'thrash metal'.... so – it's not.

As far as I know you guys are pretty young... Wwell, too young for being part of the 80's thrash metal scene. How did you got into the 80's thrash metal? And what bands influenced you most?

The guys, as far as I remember, always we're fans of Megadeth and old Metallica records. About me... really I don't know, maybe my dad's CD with compilation of thrash & heavy metal artists, where I heard Testament's Souls Of Black and I really liked it. After a lot of searching I found many artists in thrash that I really enjoyed. Many, many, many bands and styles of metal influenced us. For example: I listen a lot of thrash metal, death metal, progressive and even deathcore bands. Junior and Jezuss are die hard thrash fans and Nordian likes some hardcore stuff and many other metal sounds. Bands... hmm, for sure Megadeth, Municipal Waste, maybe a few guitar riffs a la In Flames.

Pretty often a concert is triggering off the urge to start playing... What made you want to play? Or who?

It's just our dream from a long time – to make a band, play gigs, record albums and stuff. It's awsome thing when people like what you do, when they enjoy music, like the lyrics. You can do what you love to do and at the same time someone appreciate your work – that's amazing. Who or what pushed us to play... hmm. Hard to tell, hehe.

You recorded a 3-track demo. How did you choose the songs for the demo? And from how many songs you had to choose?

It was not easy choice. It was a time ago, but even then we had something about 7 or 8 songs ready, but we had to make a choice and here we've got the winners, hehe.

Is there a main song writer in the band? Or does everybody writing songs? Please tell us how you usually work...

We work all together once a week to make new songs. The guys are working at home for some new riffs and we're meet to put them together with some ideas of tracks. Sometimes spontaneously on rehearsal someone came with some nice riff or stuff. We write lyrics only when we're drunk hehehe, that make them totally true for us and in that mood we've came with many nice ideas.

And where did you record the demo?

Demo was recorded in our hometown Suwalki in home studio. It's really low sound demo with many mistakes, but we wanted record something to put on MySpace and stuff, hehe.

You played some club show, but in December you played a festival in Warszawa. I think it were just Polish bands there... How was that show? And which of the other bands did impress you most?

The festival was amazing! Organization and people were fuckin' great. Big thanks to Piotr Jagóra for inviting us on that Fest. Btw about the show, we've played only 20 minutes and travelled 5 hours there, hehe, but it was worth it. Reaction on our music was really nice.
Other bands – yeah, Dragon's Eye (Polish heavy metal) is awsome, I really enjoy their music. Performance... was just kick ass! Also Homeless Rockers suprised me with their rock'n'roll attack – great gig.

Do you play only original songs? Or do you add some cover? If so, which band(s) do you like to cover?

We had Megadeth covers, but at the moment we play only our songs. We have plan to do some pop song cover on thrash metal, but we're discussing what song should it be.

If I got it right, you asked your fans to vote for you for MetalCamp 2009... If you get the chance to play there, what do you expect from playing that festival?

Yeah, that's right. We would like to show our music to metalheads in other countries and festivals like MetalCamp are great opportunity to do that. We don't have any demands or stuff like that, hehe, we just would like to play.

I know that in Katowice quite frequently is MetalMania festival... What do you think about this festival? Any chance fans will see you there? Or is it mainly for international acts?

In 2008 I was on Metalmania with Junior for first time and I must say that it kicks ass, hehe, hope you know what I mean. Many thrash bands play there every year, like Artillery, Evile, Megadeth or Flotsam And Jetsam, but underground bands have no chance to play on it. Organizators invite only more... hmm... popular metal bands.

Is it right that you prepare an EP now? Did you find a label? Or will it be self-released?

That's right! We're recording it right now. When it's gonna be ready we gonna' search for label, hope we're get sign. If we won't find a label... we gonna' do a self-release.

Will something from the demo be re-recorded and end up at the EP?

One song will be re-recorded and it will be Life Is A Lie.

Where will you record the EP? And is it difficult to find a suitable recording studio in Poland?

It's maybe not difficult, but it cost very much. We've decided to record it in MS-3 Studio, because it's not far and it's not so expensive. Besides the studio engineer played in a thrash band, so he know what to do and how to mix this kind of stuff.

It seems that somehow there are just a very few bands from Eastern Europe and Russia make themselves known internationally. Any idea why we hear only little about bands from the Eastern European countries? Any idea?

Many bands just don't promote themselves – they think it's not necessary to do it. Many labels in Eastern Europe don't count on young bands, so they don't get signed, time is running out and bands fall apart. It's very hard to get an international deal...

Especially with the internet this should have changed already... How much feedback do you get through MySpace from outside your home country?

We've got some nice reviews from single people from time to time. In USA and Canada especially – people like that type of thrash there and that's great. We really like to read some nice words about our music.

How important are communities like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube for a newcomer these days? Especially when you aren't from one of the main metal territories?

How important? Very, very important. Creating profile on them is one of the greatest way to promote band.

What at Thrash M's schedule for 2009?

We hope we're gonna realase the EP and play more gigs than last year. Hope to find record label, too. Still writing new material. On our MySpace and website we gonna put merchandise T-shirts in 4 diffrent designs.

Anything you want to add?

Thanks to all who listen to our music and believe in us! Hope you'll like the EP. Thrash'n'beer all the year!!! THX for interview! Take Care!

First I want to thank Dave for the fast reply! I'm really looking forward to hear the EP, cause the demo is quite promising - just the sound quality isn't very good - and so the EP will be a step forward and hopefully more people will give them a chance!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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