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In Words: The Sunchild

- Andreas Bröer - August 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Andreas Bröer - August 2002 (by email)

When I got the CD of the band The Sunchild I had no idea what to expect, coz I haven't heard of them before. A good chance to change that is an interview and luckily Andreas Bröer answered my questions by email.

Please tell us something about the early days of the band!

The early days of The Sunchild were pretty much confusion. When we started we all know each other from playing together in other bands, but it was the first time that we 4 played in one band. The interesting thing is that I just knew Steffen as a drummer and bassist and Christopher as a guitarist. And so we started with Christopher on guitar, Steffen on bass and I took over the microphone. Axel had already found his mission, he was a drummer. So, we missed in the beginning a songwriter in the line-up and so we had a lot of different styles which we included in our music. At that time it was more jamming then rehearsing. Until the day I brought my guitar with me to the rehearsing, I had a tapping line with a riff. First it sounded strange to us, but we tried several things and so the first song developed out of this tapping line. These days Steffen is playing guitar, Christopher is on the bass, Axel still hit the drums and I play guitar and sing. The song was Arrive A Survival and was kind of the cornerstone for our musical style and for the new songs.

What does The Sunchild mean to you?

The Sunchild is very important for us. At the time the band was founded, we all were very busy with other projects which never really get something going. These days we concentrate on The Sunchild and all our energy we spend for this, coz we want to achieve something. Beside that with the developing of the band the chemistry developed as well. For example, just through the band Christopher and Axel become friends of mine which really means a lot to me. Steffen was already a friend of mine, when we started the band. The Sunchild which is important to everybody in the band, is more then 4 people making music, we are friends and we go together through ups and downs!

How come that you started working with Redfield Records?

That's a funny story! Christopher was surfing in the internet and at a guest book he read something which made him contact Redfield Records. There was something written like "Greetings from Redfield Records, the best label of the world!" That convinced us! They liked our maxi and that's how it started.

Your biography says that the single I have here, was released last October. Why did you decide to release the single There She Goes?

The single was recorded in October, but it was released in March through Redfield Records. The timing... It just happened, coz at that time we had about 8 or 10 songs which we wanted to record. Mainly we wanted the single to organize live shows and to look for a label. So, we decided to do a single, because of the money. We all were still studying or doing a job training and so we haven't had the money to do a complete album.

Where have you recorded? How come the cooperation with Jörg Seemann?

We recorded in Jörg Seemann's Noisless Studio in Rhede. We already knew Jörg as a live soundman and he had just done the album of One Man And His Droid which has a great sound in my opinion. The recording of the single were the first recordings for us and so we wanted a real good studio. One Man And His Droid were really satisfied and so we wanted to work with Jörg as well. Beside that the studio is not far from where we live which made it easier to arrange the studio recordings more spontaneously.

How would you describe your music? What inspires you?

We are alternative rock. Sure, you can call us also emocore, melodic punk or whatever. WE used to call it alternative rock, coz we are have our roots in rock music. And at least you have to listen to the music to know what a band is doing! Right?

The song Night Of 79 combines different elements. In general you try to add more complex parts to the song, but still try to sound catchy. Ain't it a walk on the edge? Do you write songs as a band? Or do someone comes up with a finished track?

Actually I can't find this walk on the edge difficult. Actually it's easier then to write a straight ahead song. The different points of view of the band members create this combination. Usually Steffen is presenting me a basis of a song and I sometimes have ideas for a change of the rhythm or have parts which we can include or I don't like a part at all. The new version of the song we then present Christopher and Axel when we rehearse and the same thing happens then. So we melt together the different ideas and everybody can get involved. Sometimes it ain't easy to keep it catchy. Actually I think that catchy songs sooner will bore you....

Who is writing the lyrics? What inspires you for the lyrics?

I write the lyrics and I kinda work up everything I observe, daily life or what I saw at TV. Actually it's everything which I think it's worth to think over and what's worth being used in the lyrics. I prefer to write lyrics in form of a short story with an open begin and open end, so the protagonists are usually imaginary. I don't want to give advice with my lyrics or want to make a statement. I just think about certain things and write down the main idea, the main thought. I always try to keep it open, so that everybody can make up his mind about. It's just about giving an impulse.

The info says that this summer you'll release the album. Please tell us something about the coming album!

We will enter the studio on August 20th and we decided to record again at the Noisless Studio. We will record about 10 songs which are all finished. There will be an acoustic song. There will be everything, from slow to fast, from pop to punk rock! You will soon recognize it and this time the songs are a little shorter and catchier. At least we are happy that we finally can record them. The album will definitely be released this fall!

Is a tour planned for fall? Or will you play on some festivals late summer?

A lot of things are planned and then canceled again.... Anyway, we will play some shows, even if I can't say when and where. Easiest way to find out is to check our homepage.

Live you played with The Coalfield and Three Minute Poetry. What kind of experience has it been? How were the reaction of the audience? What can fans expect live from The Sunchild? Coz many don't know you....

In general it's nice to play with bands which are musically fit to your own sound. But we also played with bands who didn't fit at all which isn't interesting for bands and fans, I think... I don't think that someone wants to see - for example - a death metal band and a pop band at the some night. So the shows with Three Minute Poetry or Pale were pretty good. The bands were very nice and the audience reacted quite good. Actually playing live is what it's all about for us. When you are on stage and the audience is having a party, then you get something back.... You get back what you gave to them in a way... Like a mirror, coz when the people have fun and feel good, we feel good.

What is your opinion on MP3? Do you think it can help a newcomer band?

I think that the internet is a very powerful tool for bands and fans of music. Through the internet I learnt a lot about of new and good bands. It's great to have a possibility to present your music to the masses on your own and without rely on someone.

You do have a homepage. What can fans find there?

On you can learn a lot about the band and you find pictures and sounds there. And you always be up-to-date about what's going on in the band and about concerts. With the album release the page will be relaunched and we will be back with a completely new design. And some more staff.... So take a look!

What can we expect from The Sunchild in future?

Our aim is to play as much concerts after the release of the album!

Famous last words.... Something you want to tell the fans?

I hope that we will see many new faces and that I'll met you personally on at Sunchild show! All the best from Andreas and The Sunchild

Nothing more to say!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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