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In Words: The Storyteller

- L-G Persson - Oct. 2002 - João Santos -

L-G Persson - October 2002 (by email)

Are you happy with the reception and the sales for your 1st album?

I'm quite pleased with the responses that we have received from our 1st album. Of course I would have liked, if the album would have sold a bit more, but for a debut album the sales are very good.

Briefly, what else happened to The Storyteller in the last two years?

Well... In these last two years we have been trying to do as many gigs as possible to promote ourselves. Also we spent a lot of time writing material for our 2nd album Crossroad.

Where did you find the inspiration to the Book Of Mystery story, the concept for the 2 albums?

I wrote the lyrics for The Storyteller I had an idea of this story of The Book Of Mystery and I soon realized that the story couldn't be fully told in one album so it was a natural progress to write the ending part of the story in Crossroad.

So the band ended up by including the older songs The Unknown and Kingdom Above from your demos phase. Did you have to change them a lot to fit in the story?

No, we didn't change them at all. They fitted just fine into the story just as they were. We just adjusted the lyrics to fit the story.

Did you have anyone in mind, when you wrote the Loss Of A Friend song?

It has so much feeling, that is perfect for homage the friends that passed away. When I wrote the lyrics for Loss Of A Friend I just imagine myself being in the position of loosing a friend and I also used some of the old Nordic mythology when writing sentences as "I hope the fire treats you good, and the smoke will show you home." In the old Nordic mythology the Vikings believed that the fire and smoke would lead the fallen warriors to Valhalla. A place were mighty warriors had there heavenly kingdom. And I also think that it's a song with a lot of feeling and it's cool to hear that you feel the same.

Now that the Book of Mystery story ended, do you have already the next story?

I do have another story in progress, but I will keep it a secret until the 3rd album is on it's way.

Have you heard Dragonslayer, the Fredrik Nordström (editor: The Storyteller albums producer) own adventure? Opinions?

Yes, indeed!! I think that I was one of the first to hear their album, because they were mixing the album at the same time as we recorded Crossroad. I think it's a really good album and I have no doubt that Dream Evil will be one of the major metal bands in the future.

What will be the next The Storyteller pro­jects? Any gigs outside Sweden?

We have done a lot of gigs in Sweden this spring / summer and one major gig together with Blind Guardian which was the coolest gig that he have done so far. We hope to get out and do concerts in Europe but when only time can tell.

Are you a DVD consumer? (I am!!) How do you see the quantity of DVD concerts (old & new) that are coming?

I'm embarrassed to admit that I do not own a DVD-player. But The Storyteller have recorded a live-DVD video from a major gig in Sweden and has the name Stories From The North. It turned out very cool and perhaps we will release it in the near future. (editor: Great!!!)

Thank you very much for this interview and all the best for The Storyteller. Do you want to leave a message to the metal fans?

A big thanks to you who support our music and I hope that we will see you on the road soon. Believe in the stories and you shall be a part of the legend.

João Santos


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