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In Words: The Poodles

- Pontus Egberg - Sep. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -
- Pontus Egberg - Nov. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

The Poodles
The Poodles

Pontus Egberg - November 12th 2009 - Essen (D)

The Swedish glamsters have their 3rd album Clash Of The Elements out. The foursome always liked to play live and so they are on a headliner tour at the moment and took their fellow countrymen Dynazty with them on the road.
In Essen I had the chance to talk a bit with bassist Pontus Egberg, a kind of follow-up to the interview I did when the album came out.

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Claudia Ehrhardt


The Poodles
The Poodles

Pontus Egberg - September, 23rd 2009 (by email)

A few years ago The Poodles popped up and soon got the attention of hard rock and metal fans. Now they have a new album under their belt, time to talk to The Poodles. Thanks to Pontus Egberg for answering my questions!

As far as I know it was first about a song for the Eurovision Song Contest, and then everything went fast... Would you agree that The Poodles were born incidentally?

There was some collaboration within the constellation of musicians that became The Poodles even before the ESC, but the attention that followed certainly set the wheels in motion.

Have you thought it could end up in a band doing several albums?

The aim was always set higher than just one appearance on Swedish TV, of course. The ESC was a springboard, but as an honest, hardworking heavy metal band we want to make our mark on the industry and in the hearts of our fans. Led Zeppelin made 9 studio albums, so we want to make at least, 10!

Did you somehow felt under pressure when you did Clash Of The Elements? In the last the 3rd album was the 'make it or break it' album....

We didn't feel so much pressure from our fans, but rather from ourselves! We felt liberated to do the album on our own without the expectations of a record label, and we wanted to make one for the ages, you know? We wanted to make the best hard rock / heavy metal album of 2009, because we had no one to blame if it didn't turn out that way.

You did a video for I Rule The Night and for One Out Of Ten.. Was it difficult to make a decision which songs you'll do a video for?

Not really. We love both songs and consider them to have a broad appeal to a lot of listeners. One Out Of Ten is a mid-tempo rocker with elements of a ballad, but we felt that it is one of the strongest tracks on the album so we wanted to put it out first, as a statement.
I Rule The Night is a bulldozer that just makes you want to bang your head. It's up-beat, but tough and it has a really strong chorus so it was an easy choice as second single.

And what about a DVD, anything planned?

We are going to release a Live-DVD sometime next year. Hopefully in the spring / summer of 2010. It depends a little bit on timing and post-production of the live sequences. It was filmed at 6 shows in Sweden during the summer this year and it is going to be absolute killer! Steve and Vesna from Metal Warriors, who have worked with Manowar and several other metal acts, are at the helm of the DVD-production. We can't wait to see it ourselves.

How came that you did with Raise The Banner the Swedish official song for last years Olympic games? And did you felt honoured to re-present Sweden one more time?

We were asked to do the Official song for the Olympic Games in Beijing and humbly accepted. Although in the end it wasn't a great competition for Sweden with regard to the number of medals won, we certainly felt honoured to participate and contribute in such a big event. It was a good experience.

It was quite a shock that Marcel Jacobs passed away. Do you consider doing some kind of tribute for him?

We are still in shock from hearing about it. There are plans to participate in a tribute show in Italy in the fall and we would like to honour his memory in some way. We'll have to see what opportunity presents itself. Marcel was an amazing musician and human being and he is sorely missed.

Soon you'll go on tour... a headliner club tour. What can the fans - who haven't seen you live yet - expect?

Anyone with ANY interest in the band should come down and see us live. We spend a lot of time and effort in producing and recording great albums, but it is live that we really come into our won. We live to meet the crowds and to get our message across in such a direct way as with a live show. It's going to be dramatic, bombastic, hard, fun, and entertaining. We are going to have a great time with our fans, don't miss out!

So far I haven't seen any information about who will support you... Any news to tell?

We have a confirmed supporting act out of Sweden! They are called Dynazty and are a great band with some glam-sleaze influences. They are young and eager and have just come out with their debut-album that they recorded with Chris Laney (Zan Clan) in Polar in Sweden. Its going to be a great combo with them opening up for us, for sure.

Already something planed for 2010?

Oh yes, our plan is to keep touring and supporting the album in all territories. We have the DVD to be released and we have yet to achieve world domination, something which has to be every self-respecting hard rock band's ultimate goal! Seriously, 2010 is going to be better and bigger for us than 2009. The best is yet to come!

Sounds like The Poodles have big plans! And their fans will be happy to hear that they will play more shows and that a DVD is on the way!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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