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In Words: The Moor

- Enrico Longhin - Feb. 2012 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

The Moor
© The Moor

Enrico Longhin - February 7th 2012 (by email)

When I got The Moor's self-titled EP for reviewing I was quite surprised as I haven't heard about them before, coz usually there is some talk about bands at such a high level. Anyway, I was curious to learn more, especially to get an idea when there will be more of The Moor. Thanks to singer and guitarist Enrico Longhin for taking time to answer my questions!

Please tell us about the beginning of The Moor! And what happened to Bleed In Vain?

Hello Claudia, we ended up things with BiV about four years ago, after that I took a break and then decided to start a new band with Davide (guitar), after some jam sessions the band was ready... We have spent a lot of time to understand our needs in terms of sound and inspirations, and here we are.

The 5-track EP was recorded in September 2010, and is now released via Lion Music, what took so long to get it out?

Basically the main thing is that we didn't want to send the EP to the labels, in the beginning, we were working about spreading the word about the band as much as possible; I think that it's important to contact labels when you have some numbers ready... and at least someone that is interested in your music also outside your country.

Why mixing and mastering at Studio Fredman?

We used to work with Fredrik Nordström in the past, the latest Bleed In Vain album was partially recorded there, he is a great guy together with Henrik Udd, they can really make the difference, so we decided to come back in Sweden, it was like starting where we ended the last time, and it was of course a good choice.

Do you write songs as a band? Or is there a main songwriter?

The main songwriters are me and Davide, while all the vocal parts are written by myself, but we really need the help of the rest of the band to get the best from our songs.

Can you tell me, what inspires you? Influences you?

Sounds cliché... But the answer is everything that sounds good to my ears, but also non-musical stuff like movies, books, or a simple road trip.

Antikythera... Is the song about the antic mechanism? Are you interested in astrology in general?

Hehe, you are right! I'm not into astrology... but I was totally impressed by this mechanism and its story, of course lyrics move things in a different level, like describing the feeing that came to my mind after reading that piece. I don't want to bother you with a history lesson, just goggle it, if you want to know more about that.

At your YouTube channel you have some videos from the making of the EP, can we expect more behind-the-scenes soon?

Of course, we will make some new videos during the upcoming recording sessions!

These days a band gets feedback for a release quickly, thanks to the internet, are you satisfied with the feedback so far?

Yes, very satisfied! The fan support is great and it's growing every day. We will catch more people with upcoming debut full-length of course.

How important is social media for you? Pleasure or pain?

It's a pleasure, and I do all the best to stay in touch with fans and other bands. As the EP was recorded in 2010, I guess you have already written new songs... Any idea when you'll start recording?

Of course we have new material, but we were blocked in the past by some line-up changes, now we have enough material for the upcoming debut and something for the second one! We are in the studio right now, we are finishing things, pre-production stuff and so on… We will start the official recording the next week, exactly on February the 14th.

Will the mix / master be done at Studio Fredman again?

We're in touch with a couple of big names out there, we will reveal our choice soon.

What's next on your schedule?

Of course promoting the upcoming full-length, working on gigs and writing new stuff for the second album.
We will make a better plan after this recording sessions, you know, we are spending a lot of time in the studio, our social life is compromised. Haha! In the other hand we're sure you will enjoy our upcoming album! Thank you Claudia!

I'm looking forward to hear more of The Moor and it's good news to me that they are heading into the studio these days! And hopefully with a full-length they will hit the road - and play in my area. ;)

Claudia Ehrhardt


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