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In Words: The Fire

- Olly Riva - Oct. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

The Fire
© The Fire

Olly Riva - October, 1st 2009 (by email)

A cool rock album from an Italian band got on my desk, The Fire's Abracadbra. I haven't heard about the band before and was curious to learn more about The Fire. Thanks to singer Olly Riva for answering my questions!

Even if you already have a following in Italy, outside your home country not that many people know you, so please tell us a bit about the beginning of The Fire!

The Fire was born in 2004 as a band formed from the member of Madbones, a punk rock band and Olly, the singer from Shandon, a ska core band. When we first joined we started to play and touring as Madbones featuring Olly... We wanted to find our style and our sound so we all stayed in Holland, at Nirwana, for three weeks just for playing and composing on a real stage in a real venue... but empty!
In 2005 we released our first record Loverdrive that had been distributed in Italy and Switzerland, but we tour all around Europe like in Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, even if our record wasn't in music stores. And it was great! In 2007 our guitar player left the band, but just at the end of 2008 we have found what we were looking for, Phil, a real guitar hero! During this summer we released an EP, Electro Cabaret that we sell only at our merchandising desk, it isn't distributed in any way. We wanted to give the people the opportunity to give a personal value to our music and, uhm, we finished all the 1,000 copies during the first 15 concerts! On September 11th the last record, Abracadabra, was released initially in Germany and within the end of 2009 the album will be released in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and other countries.

Why did you choose the name The Fire? And what does it mean to you?

We hadn't a name 'till we met Torsten, the bassist of Beatsteaks, in Berlin one night. We were touring the clubs without a real name for the band, he saw us and he said..."You are the fire guys!". Yes! And The Fire remains!
The fire for us is what we have inside that keep us alive and keep the will to play and rockin whenever and whenever. And is the perfect reflection of our gigs!

The album is called Abracadabra... Reminds me of a tune off Steve Miller Band... But you don't sound like them.... What inspired you?

Not that song! Is a good old song, but we've never thought about it. The song Abracadabra was quite finished and for the lyrics we were looking for something impressive in style with the riff of the song. So, even if the term 'Abracadabra' has no meaning, it reminds you of something magic which is the perfect mood for this song.

And how would you describe your sound? Which bands would you refer to, to give rock fans an idea what to expect?

We play rock. Just rock. We don't like the tags of different genres... Many bands play their own music with their own influences... The good part when you listen to a new record is also to find what the band took and from who... Every band has influences that you can find in their songs... Our influences are the heavy bands from the '80, and something that can reminds you of The Police sound or even Mötley Crüe beats... We all listen to different bands and styles, but one of our common favorite band is Foo Fighters, but this doesn't mean that we play like them... It's quite difficult for us to say how we sound like...

I guess by now you already got some reactions from media and fans... Are you satisfied?

Yes, we're satisfied, but we are just at the starting line!!!

Have the songs be written over a longer period of time? Or were they all written just for this release?

It depends to the songs... We just write and we always do... When we've got enough good songs we focus on them for the forthcoming release.

Talking about live.... Did you have the chance to play for some renown bands in Italy? And which band would you like to open for?

We opened a show for Deep Purple 3 years ago here in Italy. It was amazing! They have a huge organization, but they have been very nice with us. When we finished our show they made compliments to us!!! Incredible! This was our biggest chance for us... But never say never... one day... maybe... Led Zeppelin?!?! HAHAHA!

What's next on your schedule?

We are planning to play all around Europe for the next months... In November we'll in Belgium, in December we'll open some Gotthard concerts in Switzerland... We can't wait for that! As I said before, it's just the beginning!! And, of course, we are planning the world domination with our new record Abracadabra!
If you wanna give us some feedback, comment or what else, check our Myspace at or directly at our website that will be online soon

Thank you all!

The Fire

Looks like European rock fans will soon get the chance to be caught by The Fire when they hit the roads.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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