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In Words: The End

- Andrew - March 2004 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Andrew - March 2004 (by email)

When I first listened to the CD I wasn't sure, If I liked what I heard, but at the same time I couldn't stop listen;ing. And so I needed to ask some questions to understand more about the band. Andrew answer my questions. Thank you very much!
I still think it needs time to get into their sound... Give it a try. Well, here you can learn a little more about the guys!

Please tell us about the beginning of The End! Why do you choose the name? What does the name mean to you?

Band names are curious things and anybody who's had to come up with a band name knows it just about finding something that fits. That's really what the name is all about it fits our music and our attitude. In the five years we've been a band different meanings have come and gone, but ultimately it's our band.

And how would you describe your music? And which song gives the best idea about The End?

Rock n Roll! Really it's heavy guitars and drums and screaming vocals, but the attitude is rock n roll. Because of the style we play we are often labeled as metal / math / tech / core something or other, but we just want to make music that kicks you in the face.

Your first release was Transfer, Trachea Reverberations From Point: False Omniscient. It was released on a small independent label so many won't know it. How did you get in touch with the label? Why did you decide to sign the dotted line?

That was a business relationship that started as friendship and was very convenient for us at the time it was only for one album so it was perfect for us at the time. We had to leave our options open for the future.

I assume that many fans don't know that release. What do they have to expect musically?

It's frantic, spastic dissonant, unpredictable and original.

Why do you chose that title? What does it mean to you?

When you break it apart it kinda of means the 'voice / vocals of a godlike idea' said in slightly more abstract terms. We found it fitting for the music that was on the record.

The EP was called by British Metal Hammer "one of the 10 most essential mathcore albums". What does that mean to you? Was it a surprise for you?

At the time we made the album it was #1 on our list, but to have someone else deem it so is great. Conversely that defines us as a mathcore band which has it's upsides and downsides. A lot of people will interpret that as we sound like all the other bands on that list. Which is a half-truth.

Within Dividia is your current release. Why did you chose to base the album lyrically on The Dividia Estate? Can you tell us something about The Dividia Estate and the lyrics?

The album isn't necessarily based on The Dividia Estate as much as it is a metaphor for our lives and ourselves. What about the lyrics? Every song is a definite emotion and perspective of living which is carried across by the music.

What inspires you in general lyrically? Musically?

Mainly music, other bands that we love and listen to. As with any expressive art form life itself plays a huge part in the way we create our music. Our daily experiences which are anything but average, repitive and mundane and those experiences translate into the music. That's perhaps the major source of the atypical songwriting.

Who had the idea for the cover? Who realized it?

It's culmination of ideas we had the idea and Michael took the photographs. The entire layout was planned much in advance to fit all the themes in the album.

How are the reactions so far? Are there certain territories where The End are selling better?

It's still early in the release of the album so it's hard to say exactly how were doing everywhere, but in Canada and in the Eastern U.S sales of the album are doing very well. We'll know more about the European end of things in a little while since it came out there a little later.

What about touring for outside U.S.? Is anything scheduled so far?

Were working on something for by the end of this year, but since nothing is confirmed as of yet. I won't jinx it.

Which band you would like to tour with?

We're doing some Canadian dates with Ion Dissonance in a few weeks I'm really looking forward to that. We're really not too picky, but what's Meshuggah up to?

It seems that you are a hard-working band. Touring a lot. Is touring essential for a band like The End? Any funny stories to tell from the road?

The End has no pop appeal so for the most part the mainstream media isn't available to us. Touring is our band. Without it I'm not sure we could call ourselves a band. We have a lot stories and most of them end up with someone barfing while going through some filthy drive-thru. I don't know why.

You toured with bands like Dillinger Escape Plan. How did the audience on that tours react? Guess many fans didn't know you...

Some do, some don't. When we play to a new crowd it's sometimes really difficult to tell, if anybody is into it or not, but we seem to consistently gain a significant amount of fans at every show. I think if you're not familiar with the songs it can be difficult to get into at first.

Can the internet help young bands from every corner of the world to get attention? Is a homepage essential for a young band these days?

Yes and no, because now there are at least out there in some way, but now so are a million, million other bands out there that also have website and internet promo. It's really a much larger sea.

Is the band involved in the website? Or just giving information to the webmaster?

We haven't been so much in the past except for a few news postings here and there, but we are reformatting the website and we're going to make it more inclusive of us and our fans.

What makes it worth to surf the web and visit your page? Any special things on your page?

General going on's, tour, upcoming releases, our site and the Relapse website are the best places to look for our info.

What do you think about a page like where bands can publish their songs. Would you publishing your songs on, if you wouldn't have a deal?

Sure getting your music out there anyway possible is good, but the internet is a great&ly changing all the time and you have to be cautious about where you put your trust especially if it's with your life work.

Young bands should take this advise. But when you look at how it turned out for DragonForce then you might change your mind... Think carefully about that!
This gave a little look into the universe of The End. More probably next time... Or check out their website

Claudia Ehrhardt


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