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In Words: The Devil's Blood

- SL - Sep. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

The Devil's Blood
The Devil's Blood

SL - September, 7th 2009 (by email)

The Devil's Blood is a relatively new band - and they are quite unique in many ways. Time to learn a little more about the Dutch!

You already built up a following, but your full-length debut The Time Of No Time Evermore just get into the stores. Is it a surprise for you that your EP caught so much attention? And did you feel under pressure when it came to the recording of the album?

Some of these things are indeed surprising, but I never let myself be pressured. The Devil's Blood is an entity that thrives only in states of spontaneity and chaos. We just go ahead with our path and if the rest of the world is watching or not, doesn't really make a difference. We got to spend more time in the studio this time and we made sure that time was not wasted on thinking what 'the people' might be expecting from us. We are free agents and care not about the opinions of others.

The title is philosophic... Why did you choose this title?

It is a paradoxical statement concerning my views on the End Times. I believe that these are coming closer and closer and that we as humanity must strive towards that instead of away from it. This world will drown in a sea of freedom bringing flames. That is what The Time of No Time Evermore is all about.

Musically you kinda go back in time, even if the songs sound modern. What fascinates you about psychedelic rock?

It is just what comes out when I write songs, it was never a deliberate choice, this ties in to the spontaneity concept I was talking about earlier. I believe that inspiration flows through me like river, creating a gorge through the landscape of my personality, taking with it some small particles of my personality, changing the consistence of the river and creating a sea at the end of it. That 'Sea' is The Devil's Blood and the fact that it sounds like it does is because of everything I have ever listened. An amalgam of all my influences which are not only Psychedelic or metal but a thousand different artists and bands from many different areas and eras.

The occult finds its way into your lyrics, but it's more then that you are also a satanist. There are many different types of satanism. Which satanic doctrine do you follow?

I am a believer that a spiritual Satanist, as I see myself, does not follow doctrine. Doctrine is Dogma formed invariably by man. I deny dogma. I am however most interested in various currents within the Satanic traditions. Such as Anti-Cosmic Satanism and Chaos gnosticism, Qliphothic influence and many other things.

What do you think about the Church of Satan and similar groups? The wrong way?

Not my way. I think when looked at closely anyone can see it has very little to do with Satan or with spirituality and much more with life affirming humanism and self centered ego worship.

At the age of Kali Yuga morality is low. We are in the age of Kali Yuga. Have you studied the Hinduism? Perhaps as to know your enemies?

I have read into Hinduism and many other 'right hand' philosophical and religious currents. There is much wisdom to be found there. As I see most of humanity as the enemy there is no reason NOT to read or study their ways. It becomes impossible not to dabble in the enemies crafts on a day to day basis, TV, radio, internet, public transportation, stores.....

You seem to be fascinated by the paradox... and the extremes which are needed to achieve wholeness. Somewhere you said that F. and you are like Ying and Yang... But as a unity you are able to create something fascinating. Is it sometimes tough to work together? Or does she sometimes sparks off some creative outburst?

It is very hard sometimes but always fulfilling. We are two very similar and at the same completely opposite people and these paradoxes and contradiction make for a very powerful connection. She has the perfect way of following the lead of my creative currents. With very little words I can make her do exactly that what is needed.

You don't want a cult of personality, you want a cult of music and words... Do you think that the people focussing too much on persons / personalities?

Yes, absolutely. The entire thing of rock'n'roll hero worship makes me sick. We are just people, we are nothing more than that. We are chosen to do the work of The Devil in the way He speaks to the world in Art. We are merely tools. I do not, have not and will not understand why this should make us so interesting to people. I'd rather deny myself in the whole spectrum and make sure there is nothing to focus in except music and words. I am afraid it is a little too late for that now and that is a shame. But as long as the cat is out of the bag I have the chance to at least speak of my beliefs and perhaps be heard.

A cult of words... there are many books - and so words - which become cult like The Satanic Versus among many others. It seems that you looked into quite different topics... Due you think that nowadays we lack the interest in general? That intelligence is dying and people are only interested in having fun?

I can only speak for myself. I don't see a problem with having an exciting life and STILL being intellectually strong.

You call your live shows 'rituals'. Why that?

Because that is what they are! It is the offering of great deals of energy through us u into the people that are watching and listening. These energies, sinister and dark yet glorious, come from what I see as the Sitra Ahra, the left hand side, and are manifested in our performances by the chaos, hatred, lust, love and passion that is being forced from us into the venue.

And what can people who haven't seen you on stage yet, expect from you at the coming tour?

Come and see.

What kind of bands do you like to play with? There aren't many occult rock bands these days...

I don't really mind, we have already played with a wide variety of Doom, Metal, Black Metal and Rock bands. I would prefer to play with bands that share our views in a certain way, but this isn't always possible.

Beside a short tour this fall, what else keeps you busy?

At this point it is mostly doing interviews, rehearsing, exercise, reading and studying. I live a relatively simple life without to much contact with others and this allows me to apply a certain amount of discipline.

So, check the band MySpace for their songs and tour dates. And be aware, The Devil's Blood rituals are something special!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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