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In Words: The Brew

- Jason Barwick, Tim & Kurtis Smith - Mar. 2010 - Gisela Schmitz -

The Brew
The Brew

Jason Barwick, Tim & Kurtis Smith - March 24th 2010 - Bonn (D)

The Brew are bassist Tim Smith, his son Kurtis Smith on drums and the young guitarist and singer Jason Barwick - a line-up which connects the generations. Musically they combine elements of 60's and 70's rock with nowadays' sounds. The oldest band member explains that the songs on A Million Dead Stars is interesting for old and young rockers: "Our music is like an echo from the past, but with a modern sound and production." To learn more about The Brew listen to the audio interview!

You can listen to this little conversation - which is appr. 10 minutes long - by clicking here!

Gisela Schmitz


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