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In Words: That Very Time I Saw

- That Very Time I Saw - July 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

That Very Time I Saw - July 2002 (by email)

It's been a few weeks when I got the CD of the German band That Very Time I Saw... And actually I haven't heard about the band before. I contacted the record label, coz an interview is a good possibility to find out more about the band and so I did this interview by email.

Please tell us about the early days of That Very Time I Saw......!

All started in spring 2000, before Kai and Alex played together and when Michael (dr) came in, they started working on songs. When Daniel and Lars joined the band was complete and we were That Very Time I Saw....

What's for you the meaning of That Very Time I Saw...? How you came up with this unusual band name?

The name, actually the quote is taken from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. The story is as often about intrigues, power and love. For us the name stands for the special moments in life which you share and can look back to.

Summer 2000 you recorded on your own the I Only Wanted You To Know, Everything Is Alright. The reactions should have been quite good.... Please tell us about this first recording. Why you chose that title?

Due to the fact that we started writing songs before we actually started the band, we just had to overdo the stuff and could enter the studio more or less immediately. We could record the demo CD, even if we hadn't much money for the recordings, we did a decent demo. That demo CD we sent to labels and sold it for a bucks at our shows. The title... That the way it is with titles... At that time everything was "Alright" and we thought that everybody should know.

Afterwards you played some shows with Garrison. How were the shows? How was the reaction of the audience?

The reactions were quite positive! Even weeks after the shows we got mails from people who really liked us! That made us very happy!

How come the cooperation with Redfield Records?

We were looking for a label which were not just business partner, we wanted to get along well on a personal level as well. Finally we decided to found Redfield Records. Actually, Kai is Redfield Records. And so the cooperation is really good!

In March 2001 Observing Life Through Rose Coloured Glass got in the stores. What does the title mean to you?

Observing Life Through Rose Coloured Glass means to look at life in a more positive way... Often you live your life without being concentrated on the essentials. We get influenced by thousand things which come from the outside. Especially if you found a person who's special to you, you see everything more positive.

Please tell about the recordings of the album. Was it different to the first recordings?

The demo was just a demo - as the name says - so it now took more time. We had more time and made some experiments, etc. Most of the songs we worked out together and so they sound more mature, more straight then the songs on our demo.

How you would describe your music? What inspires you?

That's a topic we have to deal with pretty often, but from the very beginning we felt like being part of the emo-core genre, if this is existing... Why to describe something, if you can give a hint what it's about?
We were and still be influences and inspired by different artists, but also from daily life with all highs and lows.

Who is writing the lyrics? What inspires you?

Our singer Lars is writing the lyrics and he's also influenced and inspired by daily life.

Do you write songs as a band? Or does someone comes up with a finished track?

Usually we write the songs with out Lars, coz hes busy studying and usually can just join us once a week for rehearsing.
So we record the ideas, Lars listen to it and works on the vocal line and lyrics, then we meet and work out the song as a band.

Beside some tracks you had on samplers the album Observing Life... was re-released through Ignite Records in the U.K.. How came?

Puh. That's a long story. Ignition Records was looking for a sampler. So they found on our songs and so we were part of it. Last summer we were in the U.K. for 10 days and played shows criss-crossing the country. There we met the Ignition guys personally.
They really liked the album and all copies were almost sold. So they wanted to re-release it.

The biography says that this sum&mer your new album shall be released. Can you already tell us something about?

At the moment I can just tell that the recordings are almost done. We are really excited. We have 12 new songs recorded at the Blubox with Guido Lucas. We are already working on the release, but I can't tell you a street date yet.

Are there plans for a tour this fall? Or will you play late summer a few festivals?

Actually we should be in England at the moment, but due to changes in the staff of Ignition Records they haven't made it to set up a tour, even if they had a lot of time... It's a pity! Anyway, there are a few shows booked already. You can always find the scheduled shows on our homepage

You have toured the U.K. twice. Tells about the reactions there and about your experiences.

We were in 2001 the first time in England and this year we should tour again. We met many very friendly and nice people. All very helpful. We made contacts which will be helpful in future. The audience was different, not like here in Germany. It was a party and the people danced. After the show they came and gave us feedback - positive and negative!!! A great experience!

You played with many different bands. If you look back, any band you had a good time with?

Another tough questions! We made a lot of different experiences. There are several bands we played with more then one time and so other things important now. We enjoy hanging out with them, eat together or play soccer, but it's also interesting to meet new people.

Would you like to play with one or the other band again?

Sure, everybody has his faves or idols in Germany or abroad. Time will come.

Are you made friends? Are there any plans for a cooperation?

Like I said we made a lot new friends and we are still in touch. We never thought about a cooperation, partly because we have not very much time even for our band.

How are the reactions from abroad?

We get many reactions from abroad, most by email and through the internet, through our homepage! And there haven't been one bad one...

What can fans expect live from That Very Time I Saw...? Many don't know you, so...

I guess that many have a different impression through Observing Life Through Rose Coloured Glass which doesn't match to how we are live. The album is smooth and live we are very energetic. But I think everybody should watch a show and make his mind up.

What do you think about MP3? Do you think it's helpful for young bands?

Mp3 re. the internet and it's possibilities we won't miss. It's indispensable. The best example it that Ignition Records got in touch with us through!

You do have a homepage. What can fans find there?

On out website you find information about the band, photos, mp3, concert dates and latest news. The internet is very important for us and so we try to keep our homepage up-to-date.

What can we expect from That Very Time I Saw... in future?

Like I said we are working on our new album, then we will play a lot live and perhaps we'll play a tour in Germany later this year.

Famous last words.... A message for the fans?

Always be good and let's keep the hands out of your trouser pockets! Many thanks for the interview and all the best for your zine!

I learnt a lot about the band and hope you enjoyed reading about this German band. And now we have to wait for the new album and then for a chance to see them live. I'll try to catch them live and you should do the same!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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