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In Words: Terrorvision

- Tony Wright & Shutty - Dec. 1994 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Tony Wright & Shutty
- December, 19th 1994 - Frankfurt (Germany) -

The British band Terrorvision are wandering under a lucky star. There album is selling well and now they are on tour with Therapy?! A sold-out tour should help the youngsters to make it to the next level.
Before the show started I talked to Terrorvision's singer Tony Wright and drummer .

Please tell me a little bit about the past of Terrorvision.

We've been going for 9 years, that's a long time. We've done 4 tour before and we've got 2 albums out right now. How To Make Friends And Influence People which is our new album. Which is the one we got gold for in England.

What do you thing is the difference between the debut and the current one?

It's a progression, more a natural progression than a faster change. That was us in '92 and the current album is us in 1993 / 1994. Hopefully our experiences of this year, this tour will be reflected on the next album, which will be a step forward for us. We're not gonna change dramatically.

We didn't planned, never planned a change in our career. We still write the same kind of songs, we just try to make it better, not to sound better.

What do you think is the most important song on the new album? which is the most important song for you? And why?

It's the record, it's a unit, no song in particular. We wrote all songs and everyone is special to us.

What's about the lyrics of the album?

It's more or less to talk about what we know. We're not start to write about politics. We can command what we think. We won't preach to anybody.

We can command some human attitudes. We don't talk about politics, 'cause we don't understand it.

Same with religion and that stuff. I can't sing about that. I think we should keep it out of music. That's my opinion.

You are now on tour with Therapy?. Is it a different experience than on the other tours?

They all were fun, especially a couple of festivals which we done. We played a few festivals with them, we met and we came along very well. This tour is great!

It seems that the tour is going very well for you.

Actually we brought a lot of merchandise and we sold it all out.

More than you expect?

Yeah, we sold more than we expect, nothing left right now. At the last 4 shows we had nothing left to sell. We did a good job.

The people suddenly realized.

The people always need some time to understand the music.

Yesterday I saw at a German music TV channel a special about this tour, about you and Therapy?. It was very good. I think it would help to introduce you to more people.

I think it will help, 'cause we didn't tour in Germany as much as we toured in England. This will bring our music to the people, help making them understand our music.

What are your plans for 1995?

In February in England a single will be released and in late March we will start record our 3rd album. Most time we need to write new songs, also we have to do a video clip for the single. We need to be left alone for quit a while.

The songwriting takes time.

Some songs take 10 minutes, others take 9 months.

You will take off some days to relax a little before starting to write?

Yes, we have to realize who we are, come back to where we are from. Forget the rock star and realize who we are and what we are doing. then we can write the music.

Are there plans to play somewhere else than just Europe, the U.S. or Japan?

Not in particular, but we would love to play everywhere around the world.

I think people in countries like Israel or Russia appreciate your doing much more than people who life in countries where are concerts all the time.

Something different, where are your musical roots? Your influences?

Music is a world-wide thing. Influences are in my head, you are influenced all of your life. Noises, people taking, music, everything you see influences you. Then you try to write it in your own way and it comes out a song.

We listen to all kinds of music. At the end of the day it's music.

Music from everywhere, every style, we don't limit ourselves.

It's the song, the sound and not the style you're listen to.

I can listen to Sepultura and next to The Carpenters. You have to open up your mind for everything!

Famous last words! No more to say. It was partly a little strange, but perhaps it was the location, coz the only quite place we found where the staircase... Anyway, this short conversation showed you a little bit about the British and you might see them soon on stage or on TV. Merry Christmas!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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