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In Words: Tad Morose

- Christer Andersson & pales - Aug. 2001 - Roberto Palmitesta -
- Urban Breed & Krunt - Oct. 2002 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Tad Morose: Urban Breed - live 2002
Claudia Ehrhardt

Urban Breed & Krunt - October, 8th 2002 (by email)

On the tour we were too late to do the interview, thanks to the local trains how were more then the usual 20 min. late. And then this emailer got lost, but finally the answers are back...

After the release of Undead unfortunately not much happened. A few interviews, but no shows as far as I know. Please tell us what happened after the release and why you didn't tour!

Krunt: Well, we did a few club shows here in Sweden and we also did the Metal Days festival in Switzerland and the Wacken Open Air festival.
I don't know why there wasn't any tour for us, we would have loved to do it so don't blame us! Ha ha ha. We never seem to go on tour as much as we would like. Maybe some 'involved' people don't belive in the band like we do. Hopefully it will change soon so that we get the chance to go on a decent tour to promote our next album.

With Matters Of The Dark you released another great album. This time it seems that things change.... What do you think is the difference between Undead and Matters Of The Dark?

Krunt: I think that Matters is a natural step in the 'right' direction from Undead. The main difference is that Matters is the first album to be recorded by the same line-up as the previous one. We have always changed one member between each record before this one. so I think that everybody was more comfortable in the studio.

Urban, please tell us about what inspires you? Somewhere I read that books you read inspire you.... What kind of books?

Urban: Mostly fiction but also books based on historical research. ...and I just love a good conspiracy theory. Books about mythology and well, come to think of it, pretty much anything.

Is it a kind of challenge to write lyrics the way you do? To use anagrams, metaphors, etc....

Urban: Firstly, I don't use it all the time. That wouldn't make sense. However it is rather fun to have a little puzzle or two in there. I think most of the time, these things go unnoticed, but if I hear about someone having unearthed a few I'm glad, because it does take an extra effort to get it just right.

On the title track you got joined by Charles (Lefay). It's known that Lefay are friends of Tad Morose, beside that Bollnås is a small town, but how come?

Krunt: Why not? I think it was a cool thing. It wasn't planned, it just happened in the studio.

Was the concept of the artwork done by the band? What's the meaning / story behind it?

Krunt: Hahaha! Don't ask me, I don't have a clue. It was done by a guy called Jan Meninghausen and he just did it the way he thought it should be. I like it. I don't know why everybody is using the 'Egyptian thing' on our album covers. I think we used up all 'desert stuff' by now. Hahaha. Well, who knows, maybe the next album will feature a 'mean, bad ass camel' on the front, cause that's about the only thing left that we haven't used. Hahaha.

Have you chose Jan Meininghaus for the realization? Or was it the idea of Century Media?

Krunt: Century Media came up with this guy and we liked his work so we used it.

This time you got the chance to tour.... How was the tour with Demon?

Krunt: It sucked big time! No, I'm just kiddin'!!! The only bad thing about it was that it was way too short. We really had a good time on the tour. It's funny how 'rock'n'roll' stops ageing. I mean, some of the Demon guys are 'pretty old', but as soon as you get on a tour buss everybody is just like 15 again! Like a bunch of friends going on a 'secret & illegal' trip somewhere.

Unfortunately not that many fans showed up at the shows... As far as I heard, but I think for you it was a positive thing to tour anyway. Right?

Krunt: Yepp! As long as there is somebody out there in the audience it's worth it.

How were the reactions on this tour? Have you recognized any differences from country to country?

Krunt: Yes!!! None of which I can tell you anything about, because it might mean that Tad Morose would be banned from that country. Hahaha.

Demon is a band many of us grew up with. Was is something special to tour with an NWoBHM legend?

Krunt: It was very cool, I remember asking Anders (bass player, Tad Morose) after the tour if ever would have belived if somebody would have told us when we where sitting in his room at age 15 or something, listening to 'Rise, Rise, Rise....' That you are going on tour with Demon in the future. We just wouldn't have belived it!

Any stories to tell from this tour? Funny ones? Or strange happenings?

Krunt: Well, in France..... No, I better not say anything. Hahaha! The surprise stripper that we had on stage in Bochum (Germany) to celebrate Urban's birthday was funny. The sound engineer said like this after the show: "Well guys, I was so impressed that you managed to keep playing so good while she was on stage..." NOT!!!! Hahaha! It was pretty hard to try to perform while also trying not to miss anything so to speak. A more down to earth moment that I liked was when we drove into Innsbruck (Austria). It was a early sunny morning and I was just sitting in upper front lounge of the tour bus and just drinkin coffee and enjoying the scenery. We had a nice 'after party' in Innsbruck as well.... Hahaha.

A little bit back in time.... Last summers festivals.... How was to play at the Metal Dayz in Switzerland? Then Wacken was next... How do you experienced that?

Krunt: It was fun as Hell! I really like the Z7 venue in Pratteln in Switzerland, everybody is so nice and friendly there and everything always works smoothly. We left for Wacken pretty soon after we got off the stage in Switzerland to make sure that we would make it to Wacken in time and that was a good thing. We got stuck on autobahn for hours and hours due to traffic jams and accidents and then we got lost in Hamburg and 'wrecked' the van. So when we finally got to Wacken it was just like: In there, to the stage, up with our stuff, do our show, off the stage. After the show, we just sat down and said: "Wow, we just played at Wacken Open Air." Funny show, and Wacken is huge! It's a pitty that we didn't have that much time to see other bands.

Did you have the chance to play a few more shows after the tour? Any festivals planned for this summer?

Krunt: We always do club shows whenever we can in Sweden. The only big festival that is confirmed so far is the Milwaukee Metal Fest in USA in July, apart from that it's just a bunch of smaller ones here in Sweden.

Have you already started writing new material?

Krunt: Yeah, it's no point of writing old material. Hahaha. It's already written. But, on the other hand, then we could change all the bad parts. Hahaha. No, I'm just acting stupid here, we are always writing new songs and we've got a couple of pretty cool ones already.

If yes, what can we expect?

Krunt: Another album. Hahaha, I don't know, same shit, different name.

The first album been released through Black Mark Records. Can you see a difference in working with Black Mark Rec. compared to Century Media?

Krunt: Not really.... Just 'kiddin' again. It's a huge difference! In the beginning, Black Mark was a good but small and 'family like' company which was a cool thing. After a while they just turned strange I think, I'm not sure what happened but it came to a point when we just did not want to be signed to them anymore.

Usually Germany is a good market for metal bands. What about your homecountry? Europe? America?

Krunt: Sweden is a small country and Metal isn't that big here, but we have a small but strong fan base so it's cool anyway. America is a big country and we have been getting huge piles of fan mails from America from day one of Tad Morose so we are really looking forward to play the Milwaukee Metal Fest which will be our first show 'over there' ever! Hopefully, we will get the chance to do a tour there after this.

Final question... What are your plans for the future?

Krunt: If it would be all up to me: Tour, Tour, Tour and then Tour again.
Urban: ...I'll second that.

Claudia Ehrhardt


Christer Andersson & pales - August 2001

Tad Morose are an underrated band from Sweden, so I thought it was time to talk to them and make more people know about this band!

Tell us about your last album, it's a pretty good album and it seems to be the most complex album of your career. What's your opinion about it?

Urban Breed (vocals): It's the best album we made so far, that's right.

Peter Moren (drums): It's like straight ahead rock & roll. *laughs*

Christer Andersson (guitars): I think the sound is pretty good maybe just because when we wrote most of the songs for this album, was between the Century Media era, so we didn't have any pressure, we enjoyed our work, and the sound is pretty relaxed.

Urban Breed: I don't have much time to reflect on the material with the other albums but in this case we have like 3 years *laughs*, so we had a lot of time.

Many people said that you have some progressive influences in your music. Do you think that you really have progressive influences in your music?.

Christer Andersson: I liked more a few years ago (progressive rock).

Urban Breed: We try to keep the things simple now but we still like progressive it's only that we don't play them ourselves, we prefer straight songs, of course we like tempo changes, if we needed, but don't want to kind of force it into the song, we let the song right itself... Except when we argue about it. *laughs*

What's your plans for the future? Do you have in mind a large tour? Do you have in mind a new album?

Urban Breed: We would like to continue playing, but unfortunately we have to come back to the studio. Which is good in a way, we have to finish what we began, the recordings of the album, the new one. There are only the vocals left now and some solos.

Anders Modd (bass): We have to do this first, the album it's gonna be released I think late this year.

Christer Andersson: Hopefully there will be a tour for us.

Anders Modd: I love to go on tour so I hope we have some tour.

Urban Breed: Things are so much better now when we are in Century Media.

Are you thinking on including more keyboards on your next album?

Urban Breed: We don't want another keyboard player, but this new album will have some keyboards parts, pretty much like Undead, but not so much, we keep them to fill up some spaces that need it, nothing much that all, in the old time we had a lot of keyboards, but it's gone now, how know in the future, like in 3 years, we may all change keyboards.  *laughs*

Congratulations for your gig of today, it was excellent and the fans enjoyed it.

Urban Breed: Thanks a lot, we really enjoyed it, too. We even played a few songs of the new album. Did you recognized it? The fans didn't, but for their reaction I think they enjoyed it a lot.

Roberto Palmitesta


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