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On stage: Turisas

- RockHard Festival - May 2007 - Gelsenkirchen (D) -
- Iced Earth, Annihilator & Turisas - Oct. 2007 - Cologne (D) -
- Turisas & Norther - Mar. 2008 - Bochum (D) -
- Turisas & Heralder - Feb. 2009 - Mainzweiler (D) -

- Turisas & Heralder -
- Feb. 14th 2009 - Mainzweiler (D), Club Schulz -

It was an very cold evening... Local heroes Heralder, epic metal from Saarland in Germany, started the evening with promoting their debut Twilight. They also had to announce a new guitar player. As support, they didn't had a very long stage time, but they knew how to turn on the 'crowd' (which exists of less than maybe 60 people). Songs like Queen Of Snowfall, The Forest or Battleground invited for head banging. All in all, they had a really well done gig!
After that Finnish heroes Turisas entered the stage with bloody faces and war cries! What an energy! These less than 60 people begun to produce a power and noise that could be from a crowd of 1,000! They played nearly the best songs from both albums (ok, this is really easy as all songs are very great!) like To Holmgard And Beyond, Battle Metal, One More, Rasputin, A Portage To The Unknown and many more! This was an very great evening, because of the chilled atmosphere and good music. Turisas invited to a trip to Holmgard, while Heralder personified the High forest. Again, every time it is worth visiting their shows!

Philip Thelen


Turisas & Norther
- March 22nd 2008 - Bochum (D), Matrix -

A cold, rainy evening, but still a few hundred metal fans found the way to Bochum to see Turisas and Norther. With Adorned Brood they had a local opening act, but I only saw the end of their set when they played Was wollen wir trinken (7 Tage lang) of the Dutch singer / songwriter Herman van Veen in a metal version.
Norther: Petri LindroosAfter a change over it was time for Norther who just released their new album N. They kicked off with the album opener My Antichrist and it didn't take the Finnish long to rock the house. Kristian Ranta and his pals were storming on with another song from their new album N called Down and Blackhearted from their second album Mirror Of Madness. Especially the old track was welcome by the fans. Singer and guitarist Petri Lindroos didn't waste time talking and only announced the songs with a few words. After Deep Inside - from Death Unlimited - they presented their new hymn We Rock! Frozen Angel isn't a typical Norther song, but it hooks you up... Haunts you for awhile. Time for Petri to say a few words to the audience... "I wanna see a fucking mosh pit!" And they pushed their fans with Death Unlimited. And as Lindroos ordered the fans started a mosh pit - which made the Finnish smile. It was obvious that they enjoy playing, being on stage. After Black Gold they were running out of time... "One more to go!" Lindroos shouted and they kicked off Self-Righteous Fuck! They had to leave the stage, but not without thanking their fans and announcing that they will be back soon. A tight, powerful set by Norther, but in my opinion too short. Hope it won't take long til they come back...
Turisas: WarlordMore fans of Turisas had arrived and now more fans with the red-black corpse paint were standing up front waiting for a dose of battle metal. The Finnish quintet entered the stage and kicked off with The Dnieper Rapids, followed by To Holmgard And Beyond - and they set the house on fire! Plastic swords and fist were raised. Before they played a new song - sorry, I didn't get the title - frontman Warlord Nygård addressed some words to their following: "We toured 2 weeks in the U.K. and it was fucking hell every night! We thought that Germany won't be that wild..." and before he could continue the fans protested. "...But we were wrong! Germany is fucking great!" he continued. Btw, the disappeared accordion player is replaced by a girl - her name is Netta Skog - which surprised the fans and who fit in the band well. After complaining about all the photos made which small digi-cams and mobile phones the band took a picture of the fans themselves and announced that from every nights crowd they pick on fan who will get a special fan package. And he rambled on that low quality videos end up at YouTube. They also played A Portage To The Unknown and In The Court Of Jarisleif - both from The Varangian Way. On In The Court Of Jarisleif it was again time for Olli Vnska to step up front and play his violin - he also got a short solo part. During In The Court Of Jarisleif the crowd started a huge mosh pit. The place was on fire! One more song and they left the stage, but soon returned for the Boney M. cover Rasputin and their hymn Battle Metal.
The fans wanted more, but it was over. No doubt that Turisas will come back on tour soon and guess then the crowds will be bigger. Word of mouth is strong and they are a really a band you can party with!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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